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The acronym for the five rights of medication administration TRAMP
DaVita policy allows dialysis technicians to administer these three medications 0.9% Sodium Chloride, Heparin 1000u/ml and Lidocaine
The method to protect against infection by pathogenic microorganisms when preparing and administering medications aseptic technique
The time frame during which single dose medications should be prepared and administered four hours
Medications containing a preservative must be discarded at this time after opening 28 days
The most common method used to prevent clotting while the blood is in the extracorporeal circuitanticoagulation with heparin 1000u/ml
Waiting time after administration of initial heparin loading dose prior to initiation of hemodialysis at least five minutes
Clotting in the dialyzer causes this change in venous pressure a decrease
An acid concentrate that contains a small amount of anticoagulant & can be used for patients in whom Heparin is contraindicated Citrasate or CitraPure?
What is an outflow stenosis?A frequent cause of prolonged bleeding post dialysis unrelated to the heparin dose

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What is pulling back on the plunger?Method to ascertain needle is not in blood vessel when administering intradermal lidocaine
What is EMLATM cream?The topical skin anesthetic patients apply at home
What is wiping off EMLA cream completely?Method prior to cannulation to prevent access infections when a patient has applied topical EMLA cream at home
What is prior to applying the Spray?The appropriate time to clean the VA cannulation sites when patient requests use of Pain Ease Spray
What is when there is blanching of the skin?The sign that numbing has taken effect and it is time to stop spraying Pain Ease onto VA cannulation sites
What is Epogen?Stimulates bone marrow to produce red blood cells
What is IV Iron (Venofer)?Supports formation of red blood cells
What is Vitamin D analog (Hectorol, Zemplar)? Medication indicated for the prevention of excessive parathyroid hormone production in dialysis patients
What is Cathflo Activase? Medication used to treat thrombosis-related central venous catheter occlusion
What is Vancomycin? Antibiotic that should be administered over a period of at least 60 minutes

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What are vitamins (Nephrocaps)?Patients should take them after dialysis to prevent those that are water soluble from being dialyzed out
Non-calcium based phosphate binder Renvela
Is used to increase the clotting time in patients with arrhythmias, prosthetic valves or clotting disorders Coumadin
What is Milk of Magnesia®? This over-the-counter laxative can cause severe toxicity in dialysis patients
What is Sensipar?Treats secondary hyperparathyroidism by increasing the sensitivity of calcium sensing receptors
Vaccination series consists of four 40mcg doses at 0,1,2 and 6 months Engerix B
What is a Hepatitis B Surface Antibody of equal or greater than 10mIU/ml?Defines immunity after Hepatitis B vaccination
What is Pneumovax 23?Indicated for active immunization against 23 serotypes contained in the vaccine
What is a booster dose? Required for patients whose Hepatitis B Surface Antibodies fall below the level sufficient to be immune
Required for patients failing to develop sufficient Hepatitis B Surface Antibodies after one full series of vaccineWhat is revaccination with an additional series?
What is over the counter medications?Does not require a physician order but should be approved by the Nephrologis