Pharmaceutics III Lecture 1

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Drug substancepure crystalline powder consisting of a biologically active molecule
Dosage formSpecific manner by which a drug is administered to a body site (route of administration)
FormulationSpecific mixture of excipients into which a defined amount of drug is dissolved or dispersed
Drug productspecific drug substance, at a particular dose, administered by a particular dosage form, consisting of a specific formulation, and intended for a single clinical indication


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What is the difference btw Dosage formulation and Drug Product?Dosage Formulation consists of Drug substance, + excipient + packaging but lack Drug direction (e.g 2mg of Clonidine in 50 mg lactoseI while Drug Product contains all, including direction of use (e.g. one 2.0 mg clonidine tablet every 12 hrs for treatment of hypertension)


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Why can't Peptide (hormonal) drugs be delivered via non enteral route only?Because they can not be absorbed
Why can the only route of administration for for highly reactive cancer drug is via non enteral?Because they are destroyed by excessive metabolism in the gut
Why is specific packaging necessary in drug formulation?minimize drug adsorption and prevent drug from light/temp/moist

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