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Mechanism of action


Question Answer
mannitolcarry water to tubular fluid (doesn't undergo reabsorption)
acetazolamideinhibits reabsorption of HCO3- in proximal convoluted tubule
furosemideinhibits Na+/K+/Cl- cotransport in loop of Henle
thiazideinhibit reabsorption of NaCl (Na+/Cl-) indistal convoluted tubule
spironaloctonealdosteron antagonist, inhibits reabsorption of Na+ and secretion of K+ in collecting duct
statinsinhibit conversion of HMG-CoA reductase
ezetemibeprevent cholesterol absorption in small intestine
fibrateslower serum triglicerides/ increase HDL
niacininhibits lipolysis/ decrease hepatic VLDL synthesis /increase HDL
bile acid binding resinsprevent intestinal reabsorption of bile acid
class I AA drugsslowing conduction, Na+ channel block
class II AA drugsbeta blockers
class III AA drugsincrease refractory period, K+ channel blockers
class IV AA drugsCa2+ channel blockers
digoxininhibits Na+/K+ ATPase
Aspirinantiplatelet, COX inhibitor, decrease thromboxane A2 production - platelet aggregation
abciximab and eptifibatideinhibits PT aggregation by inhibiting factor GP IIb/IIIa
clopidogrelADP platelet receptor agonist
fibrynolytic drugsconverts plasminogen to plasmin which degradates fibrin
warfarin, coumarinblock metabolism of inactive Vit K
rivaroxabandirectly binds to factor Xa and inhibits its action
UFHinhibits factors IIa, Xa
dalteparininhibits factors IIa, Xa in ratio 1;4
fondaparinuxinhibits factor Xa
nondihydropyridines (CCA)act on the heart
dihydropyridines (CCA)act on the smooth muscles
nitroglicerinereleases NO, increases cGMP causing muscle relaxation
propranololblocks sympathetic effect on the heart
dobutamineincrease cAMP and force of heart contractios

adv effects

Question Answer
Statinsliver dysfunction, myopathy
fibratesliver dysfunction, myopathy, cholestasis
bile acid binding resinsconstipation, bleeding
niacinGI irritation, liver toxicity, hyperuricemia
acetazolamidemetabolic acidosis, paresthesia.
furosemidemetabolic hypokalemic acidosis, hyponatremia, ototoxicity
thiazidehypokalemia, gout, hyperglycemia
spironaloctonehyperkalemia, gynecomastia
mannitolhyponatremia followed by hypernatremia
centrally acting sympatolyticssedation, rebound HTN
ganglionic blockersorthtostatic hyponension, constipation
postganglionic blockerssedation, depression
alpha blockersortostatic hypertension
beta blockersbradycardia, hypotension, asthma
CCA nondihydropirydinescardiac depressin, constipation
CCA dihydropiridinesconstipation, leg edema
aliskirenangioedema, renal dysfunction
ACEirenal dysfunction, dry cough
Angiotensin II blockershyperkalemia