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Stuff Varun Marked as Test, per instructor emphasis

Question Answer
t/f: barbiturates such as Phenobarbital (barbituate anti epileptic) induce P450TRUE***
t/f: barbiturates such as Phenobarbital (barbiturate anti epileptic) do not induce P450False*** (they DO)
t/f: Valproic acid has adverse effect on platelet aggregation which results in gingival bleedingTrue ***
_____ acts as a Mast Cell Stabilzer, but is not a treatment for asthma attack, only a prophylacticCromolyn***
drug: IgE blocker; taken subcutaneously for poorly controlled asthma, min age is 12 yrs; asthma vaccineOmalizumab***
list 2 first gen antihistamines that can have a mild local anesthetic effectdiphenhydramine, promethazine **
T/F: H1 antagonists wont be as effective in blocking, need other forms of therapy such as Epinephrine for anaphylaxisTrue***
Why are there so many drug interactions with Cimetidine?• Related to inhibition of P450 and dec hepatic blood flow → inc blood concentrations of other drugs metabolized by liver (aka dec metabolism of other drugs, so you must dec doses of the other drugs) **TEST**
this drug, sometimes used for GIT problems, induces impotency (due to dec male sex hormones), gynecomastia, & impaired renal func in elderlyCimetidine*** (H2-receptor antagonist) (inhibits microsomal enzymes in liver)
combination of drugs given for ulcer patients with H. Pylori infections goes by trade name _____; what are the constituent drugs?i. Prevpac = lansoprazole (PPI) + clarithromycin + amox, BID for 2 wks (**TEST**)
side effects of Sodium bicarb...Na overload, systemic alkalosis, releases another acid (carbonic acid = ACID REBOUND) (**TEST**)
Prostaglandin drug that is PGE-1 derivative, inhibits acid secretion (via inhibition of adenyl cyclase-derived cAMP production), increases mucous secretion and bicarb production, is good for gastric ulceration associated with NSAID use... and CAN CAUSE AN ABORTION FROM JUST ONE PILLMisoprotosol/cytotec**** (probably the example of prostaglandin that inducers labor too)
Anti-emetic drugs mainly affect what 3 receptors?affect H1 (antagonist), D2 (agonist), 5HT3 receptor (antagonist)**
This GI stimulant releases Ach peripherally, useful for diabetic gastroparesis (delayed gastric emptying)Metoclopramide (**TEST**)


Question Answer
define: class of locally acting endogenous substances; produced throughout the body but act locally to modulate tissue activitiesAutacoids
Define: group of disorders characterized by periodic and uncontrolled excessive neuronal discharge in either part or all of the CNS/brainEpileptic disorders
define: violent involuntary muscle contractions (characterizing most forms of epilepsy)convulsions

which histamine receptor? (H1-H4)

Question Answer
vasodilation of BV (vast sm muscle), contraction of non-vasc smooth muscH1** (most relevant)
EdemaH1** (as a result of vasodilation and increased permeability of capillaries) (most relevant receptor)
inc gastric acid secretion... and in high doses vasodilation and cardiac stimulationH2
this H-receptor is mainly in the CNSH3 (only thing you need to know about it, so far as i can tell)
plays a role in bone-marrow/hematopoietic stem cell development (not well understood... and so probably not all that testable)H4
this H-receptor is on endothelial cellsH1

adverse rxns associated with dental-related drugs

Question Answer
Opioid analgesics→ cause constipation
Aspirin and other NSAIDs→ gastric distress
Chloral hydrate (hypnotic)→ GI irritation
Antibiotics→ GI distress