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define: rate and extent of ABSORPTION from a dosage form → depends on peak drug concentration and rateBioavailability
you Want a drug to be released at a level (above/below) min effective conc (MEC) but (above/below) min toxic conc (MTC) to be effective, the difference in the two is called ‘therapeutic window’Above; Below
define: The difference between MEC (min effective concentration) and MTC ((Min toxic concentration)Therapeutic window
List 3 drugs that have a narrow margin of safetywarfarin, digoxin, and anti-arrhythmics
Goal of ____ testing: achieve therapeutic equivalencyPharm
type of delivery for water soluble drugs (such as phenytoin) in aq. MediumSuspension
The rate limiting step in absorption of suspensions is _______dissolution
Increased particle size or viscosity has what effect on dissolution of medications in suspension?Decrease rate of dissolution (and thus absorption)
type of delivery in hard gelatin shell that has base and tightly fitting cap, rarely has solid drug aloneCapsules
Diluents or fillers such as ______ are added to fill capsules and give physical stabilityLactose
Lubricants such as ______ _______ are used to ensure flow of powders in capsules→ some are very hydrophobic and can dec drug dispersalMagnesium Stearate
______ (starch) are important for prompt capsule disintegrateionDisintegrants
Bioavailability of Digoxin is (increased/decreased) by drug's formulation in soft-shell capsuleIncreased
What is an example given of a capsule med that has a liquid, rather than a solid drug, inside?Digoxin
What is the most frequent way of administering a drug (formulation)Tablets
3 types of excipientsdiluents, lubricants, and disintegrants
cellulose acetate or pthalate make great enteric coating of tablets because they dissolve at pH range _____ but not _____5-7; not 1-3
_____ formulation (delivery) is especially good for drugs with short half-lifeIV
Nitroglycerine is given parenterally via ______ tabletsSublingual
Progesterone is given parenterally via ______ tabletsBuccal
If person has angina and is unresponsive → give 10 mg morphine _______ (what delivery form?) to break cycle of pain and stop release of epiIntramuscularly
what type of parenteral delivery is used for insulin and low-weight heparins?Subcutaneous injection
parenteral form of delivery with 2 diff rate-limiting steps (which are release of drug from suspension and passage across stratum corneum)Percutaneous (patches)
L-dopa is an example of a _____-drug that becomes dopamine and crosses blood-brain barrierPro-drug
T/F: All analgesic drugs have APAP (acetyl p-aminiophenol)True
Adverse rxn of acetyl p-aminiophenol (found in analgesic drugs)Hepatotoxicity
**Goal of pharmaceutical testing is to achieve _____ equivalency**therapeutic
Four sections of dosing info on prescription in order(SIST) Superscript, Inscription, Subscription, Transcription
emergency/partially filled prescription of schedule 2 rx's via verbal request must be filled within ____ hours72 hours
what schedule's of drugs can be refilled 5 times within 6 months if prescriber authorizes refills3, 4, an 5
Tylenol # ____ is the full strength grain (60 mg)#4
OMS sometimes prescribe ____% more tablets than needed to control post-op pain20%


Question Answer
b.i.d.twice a day (bis in die)
caps.capsule (capsula)
Disp.dispense needed (pro re nata)
q.h.every hour (quaque hora)
q. 4. h.every 4 hours
q.i.d.for times a day
sig.let it be labeled
t.i.d.three times a day

which drug schedule

Question Answer
High abuse potential, no currently accepted medical useSchedule 1
High abuse potential, accepted medical use, may lead to sever dependenceSchedule 2
Moderate Abuse potential; accepted medical use, moderate to low physical dependence risk, possibly high psychological dependenceSchedule 3
Mild (to low) Abuse potential, accepted medical use, low dependence liabilitySchedule 4
Lowest abuse potential, accepted medical use, limited dependence liabilitySchedule 5
heroin, marijuana, methaqualone, mescalineSchedule 1
Amphetamines, cocaine, codeine, meripidine, methadone, morphine, oxycodon, pentoarbital (and any formulation w hydrocodone)Schedule 2
Benzodiazepines, mixtures of codeine with aspirin or acetaminophenSchedule 3
Cloral hydrate, diazepam, phenobarbitol, propoxyphene, triazolamSchedule 4
Cough preparations containing codeine or similar opioid derivativesSchedule 5
this schedule can be prescribed but never refilledSchedule 2

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