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test 1 (4 lectures seems doable) Intro and LA's

Pharm1 general principles
Pharm2 adverse rxn's
Pharm3 dosage formulations and writing rx's
Pharm4 local anesthetics

test 2 (kill me, there are so many lectures) Anti-microbials?

Pharm5 Antibiotics (only the beginning)
Pharm6 Antifungal & Antiviral (and also the kitchen sink)
Pharm7 "Antimicrobials" (aka orofacial infections and antibiotics in dentistry)
alternatives-pharm-2 Penicillin Alternatives (by Cassie & yours truly)
penicillin-pharm2 Penicllin (by Cassie)
Pharm10 Tetracyclines, Aminoglycosides & Sulfonamides

Test 3 (good news! a few are long and hard... the rest are a joke... feels like a lot less material than last test) All Pain; No Gain

Pharm11 CNS Pharmacology
Pharm12 Non-Opioid Analgesics (and also opioid analgesics)
Pharm13 Pain control (not much to this one)
Pharm14 drug abuse (not much to this one, either)
Pharm16 2006

Test 4 ( week later) Autonomic Affectors

Pharm17 Cholinergic drugs (testing the very limits of how long will allow a page to be) (15,000 characters max)
Pharm18 Adrenergic drugs
Pharm19 ANS drugs review

Test 5 (pharm got me heart broke) Cardiovascular Pharmacology

Pharm20 Arrhythmias (white ppl dancing)
Pharm21 Heart Failure (and the Glycoside chicks)
Pharm22 Angina Pectoris
Pharm23 Diuretics (make you go pee pee)
Pharm24 Hypertension (oh, mama)
Pharm26 Drugs affecting hemostasis
Pharm27 Dyslipidemia (which lipidemia?)
Pharm25 Overview (attempted anyway)

Test 6 (thanks to Lola and Cassie for creating content and sharing, ya boi was drunk in chicago all weekend)

Pharm28 anti epileptics
epilepsy-medsz (by olola) Seizure the Day! (Lola)


Pharm29 Asthma-inducing Asthma Meds Lecture
respiratory-drugsz (by olola) Lola's resp drugs


Corticoids and Anti-histamines
Pharm30 there's some Roid Rage... but mostly Antihistamines
autacoids-antihistamines-corticosteroids (by olola) roids and histamines (auto-anti everything) by Lola


Pharm31 GIT
git-drugsz (by olola)


pharm-resp-gi-anti-ep (by lunalovegood) page by cassie
Pharm32 overview (all the stuff worth noting TEST by Varun and some shorter tables from lectures)

Test 7

Pharm33 General Anesthesia
Pharm34 General Anesthesia cont.
Pharm35 Psychopharmacology
(there are 2 lectures that I couldnt bring myself to do)

Final (these 5 lectures make up 50% of test... the rest is cumulative)

Pharm36 Parkisonism (captured as much of the noise as i could)(lecture very poorly organized)
Pharm37 Antineoplastic drugs
Pharm38 Crunk Juice (EtOH)
Pharm39 Drug interactions
Pharm40 Emergency
pharmfinalcombinedfilerelevant5lectfromfinal Combined file of approved OT that was relevant to this section (a few extras that werent relevant slipped in there too)