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What is the current drug of choice for status epilepticus?Diazepam (valium)
what opioid can be given as an anti-diarrheal and anti-tussive?Codeine
What non-opioid analgesic does not have anti-inflammatory properties?Acetaminophen (APAP)
T/F: you should Withdraw a person w/chronic ethanol dependence w decreasing doses of morphineFALSE
T/F: Oxazepam is given for anxiety controlTRUE
T/F: Interaction between meriperideine and MAOI include excitation, seizures, coma, apneaTRUE
T/F: Barbitruates and Phenytonin induce microsomal enzyme activitytrue(?)
T/F: Xerostomia is greater wI SSRIs than TCAFalse
T/F: Tramadol is a novel NSAIDFALSE
T/F: Hypotension secondary to acute opioid intoxication is due to activation of vasomotor centerFALSE
T/F: Midazolam (versed)-duration of action is shorter than diazepamTRUE (more potent, less duration than diazepam)
T/F: Acetaminophen causes hepatotoxicityTrue (MC question reads "which drug causes hepatotoxicity" and Acetaminophen is the answer)
T/F: Narcotic analgesics affect the CNS by inducing resp depression, nauseas, hypotensionTRUE
T/F: Barbiturates cause increase in GABA binding and decrease duration of CI channel openingFalse (question is "all is true of barbiturates except" and this is the false answer)
Clonidine suppress the _______ nervous system (bind to alpha 2 receptor)Sympathetic
Lidocaine is a _______ channel blockerSodium (Na)
T/F: Merperidine will have less addiction potential than morphineFALSE (apparently)
T/F: NSAIDS cause drowsiness and urinary retentionFALSE (opioids)
T/F: Morphine, through direct stimulation of chemoreceptor trigger zone in medulla oblongata, produces vomitTRUE
Put in order of onset from fastest to slowest: Pentobarbital, Phenobarbital, ThiopentalThiopental (fast acting, short duration) >> Pentobarb (moderate onset and duration) > Phenobarb (long acting, slower onset)
Morphine binds to _________ receptor and causes supraspinal analgesiaMu (Mu1 specifically for supra spinal)
T/F: Ketorolac can cause nephrotixicityTrue (its use should be limited to 4 days)
T/F: BBB is highly permeable to hydrophilic drugFALSE
T/F: both midazolam and diazepam causes anterograde amnesiaTRUE
T/F: an opium derivative can be used to treat diarrheaTrue
Know the 2 narcotic antagonistsNaloxone (IV) and Naltrexone (oral)
T/F: Meperidine had Atropine like acitivity thereby causes less papillary constrictionTRUE
T/F: NSAIDs have a plateau effect for analgesiaTrue
T/F: Morphine is thought to produce orthostatic hypotension by activation of vasomotor centerFALSE
T/F: Oxazepam interacts with primarily with central glutamate receptorsFALSE
T/F: Diazepam is capable of producing hostility + Of - anxietyTRUE
Thrombophelibitis which occurs after IV admin of diazepam soln is usually attributed to ____ ____ in the mixture?Propylene glycol
T/F: Acetaminophen is preferred over aspirin in pt. on coumadinTrue
_____ is a narcotic antagonist/agonistPentazocine
T/F: NT release involves Mem dep. And activation of voltage-gates K+ channelsFALSE
T/F: NT release involves Activation of voltage-gated CA2+ channelsTRUE
T/F: NT release involves Fusion of synaptic vesicles with presynaptic membraneTRUE
T/F: Fentanyl can induce general anesthesiaTrue
T/F: Subcortical site is the most imp!. Area for the central skeletal ms. Relaxant effect of valiumTRUE
T/F: Methodone potentiates the euphoria of heroineFalse
T/F: analog encoding consist of the frequency of action potentials and can be inhibited by ion channel blockersFalse (digital)
T/F: Propoxyphen has the same action as oxycodoneFalse
T/F: Kidney damage from long term use is a side effect go AcetaminophenTrue
As its mechanism of action, aspirin has been shown to inhibit what enzyme?COX (which was not an answer on MC, so none of the above)
T/F: Acetylcholine is an excitatory neurotransmitterTrue
T/F: Prednisone does not act by inhibiting COXTrue (question was which of the following does not inhibit COX)
Parkinson's disease is associated with which NT?Dopamine
T/F: Side effects of acetaminophen are hepatotoxicityTrue
T/F: Contraindications for the use of barbiturates include pregnancy and porphyriaTRUE
T/F: Adverse effects ofNSAIDS include gastric irritation, GI bleeding, nephrotoxicityTRUE
T/F: Methemoglobinemia is associated with Acetylsalicylic acidFalse
T/F: Narcotic analgesic affect motivational/affective component of painTRUE
T/F: Barbiturates can cause general anesthesiaTRUE
T/F: Occult bleeding is associated with AcetaminophenFalse (assoc w/ Nsaids and Aspirin)
T/F: So called opioid mu (morphine) receptor in the CNS is the same receptor for enkephalins and endorphinsTRUE
T/F: Management of alveolar ostitis include administration of a combined narcotic and non-narcotic analgesicFalse
T/F: Potent drug stimulation at the CNS is usually followed by depression and the depression is additive with the effects of CNS depressant drugsTRUE
T/F: Kappa receptor mediate miosis, sedation and spinal analgesiaTRUE
T/F: Routine use ofketorlac as a post-op analgesic is recommendedFalse (nephrotoxicity)
T/F: Diphenoxylate (paragonic - used to tx diarrhea) is effective drug to Ix of constipationFalse
T/F: Acetomenophen interferes w platelet aggregationFalse
T/F: Meperidine is longer acting than morphine therefore requiring less freq. administrationFalse (bc it is actually shorter)
T/F: Ibuprofen binds avidly to albumin and undergoes extensive metabolism, glucuronide conjugates are excreted in urineTRUE
T/F: drug-induced central skeletal muscle relaxation is a result of a drug's sedative effect rather than a specific action on CNSFalse
T/F: wider margin of safety, easier sep of anxiolytic effect from sedative effect, lower dependence liability are all advantages of BZD's over BarbituratesTrue
T/F: Either alcohol or corticosteroid can cause increase ulcerogenic effect when used wI aspirinTrue (?)
T/F: Sedative effect is easily separated from relief of anxiety when administering pentobarbital to dental pt.false
T/F: aspirin causes irreversible inhibition of COXTrue
T/F: adverse Gr effects of aspirin include gastric distress, occult bleeding, acute hemorrhageTrue
What is the short to intermediate acting barbiturate?Pentobarbital
Midazolam can be antagonized by ______Flumazenil
T/F: Diarrhea is not a common side-effect of opioidsTrue
T/F: Morphine acts via Presynaptic inhibitionTrue
T/F: Morphine acts via Postsynaptic inhibitionFalse
T/F: GI ulcer aggravation is a side effect of AcetaminophenFalse
T/F: Codeine causes respiratory depression at normal therapeutic dosesTrue
T/F: salicylism is the term applied to syndrome caused by chronic use of aspirinTRUE
T/F: Pentazocine is capable of producing abstinence syndrome in opioid-dependent personTrue
T/F: Acetaminophen may be safely used in pt. w/ history of allergy to phenocetin and acetanildFalse
T/F: Clinical trials have demonstrated that 60 mg of codeine results in greater pain relief following dental procedure than 400 mg of ibuprofenfalse
T/F: mediators of pain and iriflammation include serotonin, histamine, bradykininTrue
T/F: function attributed to dopamine include motor control, behavior and perceptionTRUE
T/F: Acetylcholine is excitatory in natureTrue
T/F: both metabolites of diazepam (oxazepam and desmethyldiazepam) are activeTrue
T/F: opioids have been shown to bind specifically w/ receptor for EnkephalinsTrue (MC w/ Enkephalins as correct answer)
T/F: Hydroxyzine is an antihistamineTrue
What is the NT of nicotinic receptor/muscarineACH
T/F: side effect of acetaminophen - kidney damage on long term use and liver damagetrue
T/F: antipyretic analgeics are ideally suited to tx visceral pain (pain of angina)false
T/F: sedation is drug induced sleep while hypnosis is a state of calmness that often induces drowsinessfalse
T/F: PGE2 desensitizes free nerve endings to algesic mediatorsfalse
T/F: Salicyclism should be treated with N-acteylcysteineFalse (treat w/ Bicarb)
T/F: merperidine is more constipating than morphineFalse
T/F: NSAIDs can exacerbate GI ulcerstrue
T/F: diazepam is contraindic in pt. w/ acute narrow angle glaucomaTrue
T/F: physical dependence and habituation are synonymousfalse
T/F: acetaminophen inhibits platelet aggregation and uric acid secretion but does not cause bleeding or gastric irritationfalse
T/F: aspirin overdose can be effectively tx by decreasing urine pHfalse
T/F: acute toxication w/ meperidine causes CNS excitationtrue
T/F: morphine can aggravate symptoms of prostatic hyperplasiatrue
T/F: smoking may increase effectiveness of diazepamfalse
T/F: diazepam is drug of first choice to tx both status epilepticus and ms contractions of tetanustrue
T/F: oxybarbiturates are a series of agents that contain an oxygen at C2 of barbituric acid ring, while thiobaributrate contain sulfur atom attached to the same carbontrue
Acetylcholine esterase breaks down Acetylcholine into ____ and ____Choline & Acetate

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