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pain control (there is some serious redundancy here with other lectures)

Question Answer
Injury of nerve fibers causes release of _______ which cause mast cells to release histamine → vasodilation and inflammationSubstance P
Peak time for pain/inflamm after surgical procedure is ____ hours10-12 hours
T/F: Aspirin gives more pain relief than codeine aloneTrue
T/F: Ibuprofen 400 mg gives greater post op pain relief in dentistry than aspirin/Codeine comboTrue
APAP dosage should not exceed ______mg in one day4,000 mg
Ibuprofen daily max dose is _____ mg2,400 mg (2.4g)
Aspirin daily max dose is _____ mg2,000 mg (2g)
Tylenol #4 has ____ grains of codeine which is the same as ____mg1 grain; 60mg
T/F: Pregnancy is a relative contraindication for N2O/O2 useTrue

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