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dont give what to pts on MAOI or SSRI'stryptans or turkey
orange mucusrifampin
MOA of SSRI vs MOA of tricyclic antidepressantsSSRI block 5HT, tricyclic antidepressants block reuptake of NE/serotonin
what blocks hydroxytryptamine receptorsSSRI
SSRI drugssertraline, fluoxetine, paroxetine
SE serotonin syndromeSSRI sertraline, fluoxetine, paroxetine
SNRIvenlafaxine, duloxetine
pt has tachycardia and rash what drug did pt take. what is another SElinezolid, bone marrow suppression
A patient being treated for atrial fibrillation with an agent that decreases the slope of Phase 0 of the pacemaker action potential developed Torsades de pointes for which he was given a drug that increases the threshold for firing of pacemaker cells. Which one of the following was the patient taking for his atrial fibrillation? a. atropine b.digoxin c.flecainide d. propranolol e.quinidinedigoxin
Whats the antidote for malignant hyperthermia?Dantroline
main SE of tricyclic antidepressantscardiotoxicity
SE of paroxetineserotonin syndrome
what drug do u use for smoking sensationduloxetine
drugs used for epilepsytricyclic antidepressants
benzos work byincr FREQ of cl- channels
anyone on MAOIs should avoid fruit becauseit increases risk for tyrosine
what is therapeutic indexdetermines safety of a drug, the higher it is the safer the durg, toxic dose/effective dose; TD/ED
drug that produces lupus like syndromeprocainamide
drug that produces butterfly rashprocainamide
Of the following azoles, which has these characteristics: improved water solubility allowing
for treatment of CNS infections, lowest affinity for mammalian cytochrome P450 enzymes therefore least likely to cause drug interactions, safety for use during pregnancy?fluconazole
infliximab MOA, clinical usetarget TNF-alpha, use CRAP-crohn's dz, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis
Adalimumab MOA, clinical usetarget TNF-alpha, treat less drug with A does not tx anklyosing spondylitis
what is efficacy? what drug has high efficacymaximal effect an agonist can produce, morphine
tx overdose of morphinemaloxone
which drug is stronger than morphine1000-sufentenil 100-fentanyl
inhibits transformation of inorganic iodine to organic iodine so body can't form thyroxinepropylthiouracil
block T4 conversion to T3propylthiouracil
propylthiouracil tx'shyperthyroidism
relieves symptoms of hyperthyroidpropranolol
drug you would use for thyroid stormpropranolol
Levothyroxine MOAthyroxine replacement-replaces normal levels of T4 and T3 (T4 is converted to T3 by deiodination in ther periphery)
tx for hypothyroidlevothyroxine
truth serum drugscopolamine
Scopolamine is used for motion sickness
drug that gives flu like side effectsinterferon alpha
given to prevent fluoseltamivir, zanamivir
acyclovir MOA and tx'sblock DNA polymerase by chain termination, tx's herpes and VZV
ribavarin tx'sHep C
what are the inhaled anestheticshalothane(hepatotoxicity), nitrous oxide(contraindicated in pts w/hx of a spontaneous pneumothorax), and rest will end in flurane(methoxyflurane(nephrotoxicity), enflurane(proconvulasant), sevoflurane, isoflurane(little tendency to depress cardiac output or induce arrhythmias)
warfarin inhibitsVit K
tx warfarin overdose withfresh frozen plasma
warfarin has an effect on what pathwayextrinsic pathway and incr PT(the Ex-PresidenT went to WAR(farin)
A farmer gets exposed to pesticides like organophosphates (ACHase Inhibitor). How do you tx em?atropine or pralidoxime(2PAM) ACHerase re-activator)
don't give atropine to what type of ptspts with glaucoma or elderly men with BPH
effect of atropinemydriasis, dry as a bone, hot as a hare, red as a beet, mad as a hatter, BLIND as a bat
most drugs are zero, first, or second orderfirst
dif btw zero and first orderzero-elimination is independent of amount of drug, first order-elimination is proportional to amount of drug
drugs that exhibit zero orderPEA phenytoin, ethanol, aspirin
Longest acting esterchloroprocaine > procaine
Acetominophen ODliver toxic
longest acting amidebupivicaine> mepivacine >prilocaine
local anesthetic you cant use in childrenmepivacaine

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ample exams
which of the following drugs has alpha and beta receptor activity epinephrine
drug of choice for anaphylactic shockepinephrine

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what penicillin has the greatest oral availabilityamoxicillin(not ampicillin)
what drug does ticarcillin combine with to cover pseudomonasclavulanic acid
Cephalosporins cross hypersensitivity rx with ?penicillins(but may not give u penicillin right out. May give u another drug in category)
Cephalosporins increase nephrotoxicity in pts with diabetes if combined withaminoglycosides(gentamycin, neomycin, streptomycin, amikacin)
cephalosporins Biggest SEdeficiency in Vit. K
what can you not take if you are on cephalosporinsalcohol(causes disulfram like rx in ethanol
1st generation cephalosporinscefazolin, cephalexin
2nd genertion cephalosporinscefachlor, cefuroxime
3rd generation cephalosporins: ceftriaxone, cefotaxime, ceftazidime
Question Answer
drugs that used if infection is resistant to B-lactamsthird generation cephalosporins (ceftriaxone, cefotaxime, ceftazidime)
what drug is best for pseudomonascefepime(4th generation)
used in pts who have penicillin allergyaztreonam
Pt has renal insufficiency and isn't able to take aminoglycosidesaztreonam
Pt has flushing of the face, what drug did they takevancomyacin "red man syndrome"

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pharm schooln
Doxorubicin SEcardiotoxicity (doxorubicin also called adriamycin-cancer)
Antihistaminic that doesn’t produce sleepinessfexofenadine
Even when aminoglycosides are given q/12 h they produce a great effect becauselipid solubility
Spirnolactone SEhyperkalemia
Med. for conscious sedationmidazolam
inhibits NE reuptake?amitryptyline(TCA)
Diuretics cannot be given to people withgout
What meds can’t have with cheese and red wine?MAO inhibitors
Elderly patients havedecreased hepatic metabolism
Oral drugs are decreased in potency because they undergo1st pass metabolism.
“Pril”isAngiotensin converting enzyme Inhibitor(ACEI)
What would you use to sterilize a heat labile substanceethylene oxide
Which of these meds is not used too much due to adverse effects? ranitidine, cimetidine, nizatidine, famitidinenizatidine
Which one of these meds doesn’t have codeine a.dihydrocodone b. oxycodone c. Propoxyphenec. propoxyphene (a weak opioid usually used in combo w/aspirin or acetaminophen
Opoid antidotenaloxone
lady w/large hands probably tookgrowth hormone
gp41 protein attacker?AIDS (fusion inhibitor) drugs enfuvirtide
treats TB and meningitisrifampin
Which drug was not effective alone, it is affective with another Beta lactamclavulanic acid
Which one of these diseases will give you gout and xanthomas? a. McArdle's b. Pompe's c. Hurler's d. Von Gierke'sD caused by glucose-6-phosphatase deficiency.
If folic acid deficiency will be affected synthesis ofdTMP (folic acid is made by dUMP->dTMP)
Flucytosine MOA: inhibits nucleic acid synthesis (DNA) & RNA synthesis
Question Answer
Nitric oxide isvasodilator
Rate limiting step of Cholesterol synthesisHMG CoA reductase (another choice was HMG CoA synthesase, but the correct answer was reductase—tricky)
What makes a drug absorbed well is cause oflipid soluble and first pass
Depressed ladyamitriptyline

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AMPLE examstemple
drug can be used to cure colitis (bloody diarrhea) caused by Clostridium difficile?vancomycin
The maximum effect produced by a drug, indicated by the height of its dose-response curve, is an indication of the drug’spotency
drug of choice for acute, gouty attack pain.probenecid. Inhibits reabsorption of uric acid in proximal convulted tubule(also inhibits secretion of penicillin)
Scopolamine used forto prevent motion sickness