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liver toxic meds (x3)PTU, nevaripin, statin, valproate
citalopram med classSSRI
cinacalcetPTH inhibitor for non-surgical candidates
MgSO4 uses (x3)(neuroprotection in <32 wks labour) (seizure ppx in preeclampsia) (torsades de pointe)
cilostazolPAD tx, PDE-3 inhibitor --> vasodilation
renal insufficiency c/i(Li) (metformin) (digoxin - adjust dose) (anticoags: enoxaparin/rivaroxaban/fondaparunox)
meds that decrease effect of anti-HTN (x3)(NSAID) (glucocorticoids) (decongestants)
meds a/w myopathy (x3)colchicine, statin, glucocoricoids
indication of azithromycin for GAS pharyngitisPCN allergy
ciprofloxacin coverageonly PO anti-pseudomonal; wide GN (complicated UTI/pyelonephritis); + macrolide --> outpt CAP w/ comorbid; no Strep pneumo
moxifloxacin coveragewide GN; inpt CAP; no urinary penetration; some anaerobes --> monotx GI infxn
aminoglycoside coverageGN; pseudomonas; + b-lactam --> staph/enterococcus; no anaerobes
TMP-SMZ coverageGP --> Strep/MSSA/MRSA (skin/soft tissue); simple GN (uncomplicated UTI); PCP; ppx --> PCP/toxoplasmosis; nocardia
nitrofurantoinsimple cystitis (not pyelonephritis)
macrolide coverageGP --> MSSA/Strep; typical + atypical CAP (simple outpt - mono) (inpt --> IV + b-lactam); respiratory infections; chlamydia
erythromycin coverageGN --> pertussis (tx & ppx)/gonorrhea conjunctivitis ppx; atypical --> chlamydial conjunctivits (PO); constipation
doxycycline coverageMRSA (skin/soft tissue); severe acne; outpt CAP; chlamydia/mycoplasma; spirochete --> Lyme (> 8 yo)/anaplasmosis/ehrlichiosis (all ages); syphilis (PCN allergies)
cephalosporin coverageno anaerobes/MRSA/enterococcus/Listeria; strep/MSSA; simple GN
ceftriaxone coverageGP - strep/MSSA; GN - neisseria/H. inf/moraxella; CNS penetration --> meningitis; typical CAP; phase 3 Lyme
daptomycin coverageMRSA; degraded by ACE --> no lung infection
danazol indicationtestosterone derivative; endometriosis tx
amoxicillin-clavulanate coveragePCN + amoxi coverage + MSSA/Strep/H infl/Morax/B. fragilis --> uncomplicated URI
octreotide indications (x3)variceal bleed; acromegaly (GH suppression); gastrinoma
pegvisomant indicationGH receptor blocker (for acromegaly refractory to octreotide)
high-dose GnRH indicationendometriosis, uterine fibroids

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