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Stress Incontinence TxAnti-Cholinergics: Oxybutynin (Anti-Muscarinic M1-3) Tolteradine (Anti-Muscarinic M3) Imrpramine (TCA/Anti-Muscarinic)
Overflow Incontinence TxOverflow Incontinence Tx Catheterization* Cholinergic: Bethanechol
Urge/Overactive Incontinence TxAbx Anti-Cholinergics: Oxybutynin (Anti-Muscarinic M1-3) Tolteradine (Anti-Muscarinic M3) Imrpramine (TCA/Anti-Muscarinic)
Upper UTI/PyelonephritisAmoxixillin-Gentamycin Aminoglycoside- SMX Co-Trimocazole- SMX-TMP Fluroquinolones Cephalosporins- Ceftriaxone*
UNcomplicated Lower UTI/Cystitis*/Prostatitis1st line: Co-Trumoxazole Nitrofurantoin Alternative: Flouroquinolones
Complicated cystitis – underlining condition which increase the risk of therapy failure (ex. Obstruction)Fluoroquinolones - oral Cephalosporins 3rd gen Aztreonam Imipenem Nitrofurantoin – DOC if pregnant
Chlamydia Most common lower UTI urethritisDoxycycline -DOC - Azithromycin – pregnant or child
Gonorrhea 2nd most commonCeftriaxone - DOC + Doxy or Azithro (if preg)

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Herpes TxAcyclovir Valcyclovir Gancyclovir
ChlamydiaDoxycycline* Tetracycline** Tidecycline Minocycline - Doxy- DOC for chlamydia Tetra- inhibitors of protein syn; DOC for Lyme’s dz, m pnemo, cholera, rocky mtn spotted fever, and chlamydial infx; used in combo to tx gastric and duodenal ulcers caused by H pylori; no longer used to tx gonococcal
Pubic Lice/Crabs/Pthirus pubisMalathion (insecticide) Lindane (insecticide) Ivermectin(antiparasitic)
TrichomoniasisMetronidazole (antimicrobial)

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