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30cc is equivalent to ?1 ounce
Biochemical & physiological effects of drugs and mechanisms of action (MOA)?Pharmacodynamics
Minimum Toxic Dose/ Minimum Therapeutic Dose is?Therapeutic Index (TI)
What is the normal TI for humans?TD1/ED1
Drugs with a _____ TI are safeHIGH
Drugs with a ______ TI are not safeLOW
This hypersensitivity type causes an anaphylactic rxn by IgEType I
Symptoms of this hypersensitivity include, urticaria, rash, vasodilation, hypotension, edema, inflammation, rhinitis, asthma, and tachycardiaType I
This type of hypersensitivity is a cytolytic rxn caused by IgG & IgMType II
Symptoms of this hypersensitivity include, hemolytic anemia, thrombocytopenia, and granulocytopeniaType II
This type of hypersensitivity is a arthrus rxn mediated by IgG in which "serum sickness" occursType III
Symptoms of this hypersensitivity include, erythema multiforme, arthritis, nephritis, CNS abnormalities, myocarditis, SLE, Steven Johnson's SyndromeType III
This hypersensitivity is delayed and mediated by T- lymphocytes and macrophagesType IV
The rate at which a drug leaves its site of administration and the extent to which it occursabsorption
2 factors effecting absorptionBioavailability & First Pass Effect
Qty Drug Reaching Circ/ Qty Drug administeredBioavailability
Extent % to which a drug reaches its site of action or biological fluid that has access to that siteBioavailability
Drugs that are well absorbed from the G.I. tract and are metabolized in the liver, have decreased bioavailabilityFirst- Pass Effect
Slowest drug absorptionOral absorption
Fastest oral absorptionsolution
Non- synthetic - oxidation (cyt P450 mixed fxn oxidases) reduction, hydrolysis Is what classification stagePhase I
Synthetic - conjugation (glucuronidation, sulfonation) is what classification stagePhase II
Most studied genetic polymorphism of CYP450 effecting metabolism of psychotropics, codeine, beta blockers, and antiarrhythmicsCYP2D6
Rate at which drug is eliminated from the bodyClearance
When the rate of administration equals clearanceSteady state
This diaper rash rx treatment contains the following, Zinc Oxide, Aquaphor/A&D/Petroleum, and Cholestyramine"BUTT PASTE"
Class of drug to best treat asthmaBeta 2 (direct adrenergic agonists Non- catecholamines)
What effect does does beta agonist have on bronchiolesBronchodilation
Where do most adverse rxns occur of clinical trialsStage III
What drug do you treat anaphylactic shockEpinephrine
What drug is used to treat a patient with asthmaalbuterol
GlycogenolysisAlpha 1 and Beta 2
Receptor causing stomach crampingmuscarinic
How is a drug overdose treatedPhysostigmine
What is the function of alpha 1 agonistsvasocontrict smooth muscle and increase BP
most negative inotropic effect?Metoprapol
given to treat NM blocking agent?Phyostigme
receptor that mediates glycogenlysis in the liverBeta 2
Beta Blockers are not used to treat what conditionasthma
afrin does what to the vesselsvasoconstriction
treatment for glaucomapolycarpine
bradychardia results in excess stimulation ofMuscarinic
What is the main function of Beta 2bronchdilation
vitamin D analog used to treat psoriasisCalciprotreniene (Dovonex)
which of the following are not effective treatments for poison ivy- Topical Steroids, Topical Antihistamines, Oral Antihistamines, Camphor and MentholTopical steroids and Topical Antihistamines
change in elderly body compositionincrease fat, decrease muscle
what happens regarding IV drugs and oral drugs and the first pass effectIV drugs bypass absorption first pass and Oral drugs undergo first pass absorption



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