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thiazide side effectshigh cholestor, whiskey dick, hyperglycemia, increased ca absorbtion
digitalis side effectsventricular arrythmia, d, v
cholesterinegiven for digitalis toxicity
mitral valve/aortic inssufencyhydralizine an minoxidil
hypokalemia, metabolic acidosiscah inhib
hypokalemia, metaboilic alkalosisall diuretics except cah inhib and k sparing
severe hypotenson after adminnitroprusside
nitropursside toxicity treat withdobutamine
cause an av blockdigitalis
reflex tachycardia in...vasodialator
hydralyzine side effectsin uremic patients it increases concentration
which drug is a dialator but produces minimal reflex tachycardiaprazosin
treats anginanitroglycerine
dont use with beta blockerescalcium channel blockers, nifedipine, verpamil, diltiasem,amlodipine
out of cat channel blockers has the less significant cardiac effectsamlodipine
what drugs do not cause reflex tachycardiaace inhibitors
leukapenia, siezures,hypotension ataxia, nauseaapridine
contradictions of quinadineav block or intraventricular block
if chloromphenical is given with what drug it will cause toxicosisphenytoin, phenytoin toxicosis
what together causes renal toxicitydigitals and dilitizam
oligiuric kidney failuregive dopamine
give nsaids with ace inhibitorsbreaks down brady kinin decreaess hypotensive effect
ace inhibitors are blockingsympathetic innervation which decreaes o2 consumption

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class onemembrane stability