Pharm- Practice Qs for Quiz 1

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Qs to know

Question Answer
which drug is good for kidney pts?doxycycline (tetracycline, semisynth)
what drug causes tooth mottling? tetracyclines
what treats Equine Monocytic Ehrlichiosis? (EME)oxytetracycline
adverse affects of aminoglycosides are? nephrotoxicities, ototoxicities, neuromuscular blockade
what route of admin should you not give aminoglycosides by?not oral (YOU WANT PARENTERAL)
what are aminoglycosides NOT good against?anaerobics (biphasic penetration requires O2 for second active portion)
potentiated sulfonamides what ____ bacterial afficacySYNERGISTIC (sulfa is static, diamino is static, but together they are cidal)
what inhibits dihydrofolate reductase? (specifics, not group)Pyrimethamine, Trimethoprim, Ormetoprim (DIAMINOS)
dobermans are sensitive to what?SULFAS! (Polyarthritis, fever, cutaneous eruptions, hepatitis)
what causes crystalluria?SULFAS (and fluoros!)
what drug is for treating eyes?sulfacetamide (sulfa)
what drug might cause enterocolitis?lincomycin (Lin has GI problems)
what drug is used to treat toxoplasma gondii?clindamycin
what is cardiotoxic when given via IV?tilmicosin
what is fatal to horses?tylosin
what is used to tx mycoplasma?tylosin
what is used to tx campylobacter jejuni?erythromycin
what CAN you use in food animals?thiamphenicol and florfenicol
what is less sensitive to enzyme degradation?florfenicol (bc of F group on it)
which drug suppresses bone marrow?chloramphenicol
A cat's inability to glucoronidate means they will struggle with what drugs?chloramphenicol
what is used to treat CNS infections?chloramphenicol (chlorine will sterilize your CNS)
what inhibits mammalian mitochondrial protein synthesis?chloramphenicol
what drug is very susceptible to developing resistance, and what must you do to counter it? RIFAMPIN! must always use in combo with other abx
how does rifampin work?inhibit RNA synth
if you have an anaerobic bact infection, whoyagonnacall?METRONIDAZOLE!
what do you use if you have an infection of endotoxin produced by gram neg bacteria?polymyxin (throwing endotoxins into the myx)
what works as a urinary antiseptic?methenamine (misc abx) (whats up with meth and UTI shit?)
which drug is the major IV ONLY admin one?vancomycin (IV is fast, like a VAN RACING AROUND)
what suppresses aldosterone production? Salt lickingcarbadox (misc abx) (car running over your adrenal glands)
which drug has very low immunogenicity?aztreonam (the monobactam) (az trees in 'nam are harmless) GIVE TO PENICILLIN RESISTNATS
what are the betalactamase inhibitors?clavulonic acid and sulbactam
what drug has a super long half life?cefovicin (3rd gen cephalosporin) ITS USED FOR PYODERMA
what should NOT be given IV?procaine penicillin G
what is effective against penicillinase enzyme producing staphylococcus bacteria?penicillinase resistant penicillins (cloxacillin, oxacillin, dicloxacillin, methicillin, nafcillin)
which drug is penicillinase resistant?cloxacillin (and oxacillin, dicloxacillin, methicillin, nafcillin)
what drug is safe for horses?benzathine IM
adverse effects of fluoroquinolones?retinal degeneration in cats, seizures/excitation of CNS (bc inhibit gaba), and crystalluria, joint arthropathy (chelation of Mg++)
Pradofloxacin works now?acts against DNA gyrase and topoisomerase IV