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what is the ring structure of articainethiophene ring
what action will reduce toxicity of articainerapid ester hydrolysis
renal clearance is directly or inversely related to protein binding capacity and pH of urineinversely
T/F the higher the pH of urine, the lower the renal clearancetrue!!! inversely related
Can LA cause systemic affects on the CNSyes!! CNS is very effected bc LA can readily pass into the brain circulation.
Can analgexics and anticonvulsants affect the CNS in subtoxic concetrations?yes
what does bupivacaine, etidocaine do to the heartthey cause cardiotoxicity.
at less than 5 ug/ml of lidocaine, what happens to CNS and CVSCNS- anticonvulsant activiity and CVS is antiarrhythmic activity- it suppresses both
cardiovascular instability happens at what dose10 to 15
what does alpha 1 adrenergic receptor and epi causeAlpha 1 found on blood vessel receptors and cause vasoconstriction and increased blood pressure
What does Beta 1 adrenergic recepter and epi causeBeta 1 found in heart and then causes increased contraction force and heart rate
What does Beta 2 adrenergic recepter and epi causeBeta 2 is also trachobronchio tree and causes vasodilation and Bronchiodilatation
PrazosinAlpha 1 blocker
PropranololB1/2 blocker
Prazosin and epi causes whathypotension
propranolol and epi causes whathypertension