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Section 1

Question Answer
Dopexamine(D) synthetic , inotropic effects for cardiac failure b1
fenoldopam(D)dl selective increases urinary output
precautions with dopamine drugsextravasation, hypovoilimic shock, MAO and COMT inhibitors
phenyproponliminea1 ag direct PROIN urinary incontience
methoxaminea1 ag direct
phenyleprinea1 ag direct
metaraminola1 ag mixed
oxymetazolinea1/2 direct
clonidinea2 direct
aproclondinea2 direct
xylazinea2 agonist subtype
detomidinea2 agonist
Medetomidinea2 agonist
dexmedetomidinea2 agonsit isomer of medetomidine
romifidinea2 agonist
Methyl dopaa2 agnoist
Isoproterenolnon selective beta agonist
Dobutamineb1 agonist
metproterenolb2 agonist
terbutalineb2 agonist
salbutamolb2 agonist (albuterol)
clenbuterolb2 agonist
salmeterolb2 agonist
isozuprinebe agonist
ritodrineb2 agonist
ractopamineb2 agonist
amphetamineacts on a and b agonist
ephedrineb2 and a1 agonist
phenozybenzaminea1/2 antagonists no selective
phentolaminea 1/2 antagonists non selective
tolazolinea 1/2 antagonists non selective
przosina1 antagonist selective
terazosina1 antagonist seletive
yohimbinea2 antagonist selective
atipamezolea2 antagonist selective
propanololb antagonist non selective
timololb antagonist non selective
metoprololb1 selective antagonist
atenololb1 selective antagonist
esmololb1 selective antagonist
acebutololb1 selectve antagonist

Section 2

Question Answer
contradictions to epinepherineabortion, hypertension, anxiety, headaches, arryhmia, extravasation
therapudic uses for epinepherineanaphylactic shock, hypotension, along with local anesthetic, cardiac arrest and av blocks,bronchospasm, topical hemostatic
reverse phenomenawith epi if all your alpha receptors blocked epi can then bind to beta receptors and cause dilation
therapudic uses for methoxaminehypotension during surgery
TU metaraminol hypotenstion during spinal anesthesia
TU phenylephrinedecongestant, mydriatic used in glaucoma, vasopressor agent
TU for Phenypropanolimeurinary inconteinence, constricts ub sphincter
TU oxymetazolinenasal decongestant, eyedrops humans to relieve redness of eye
TU metaraminol hypotension during spinal surgery
TU clondinehypertension and preopertive sedation
TU aproclondinereduce aqueous humor due to glaucoma
TU Xylazinesedation cattle more suseptible
TU Detomidinesedation indicated for horses
TU medetomidinesedative, treat delirium following anesthesia
TU dexmedetomidinedog sedation
TU romifindinehorse sedation,
TU Methyl dopatreat hypertension and high bp, good for preg mothers
TU Isoproterenolbradiacardia heart block
TU dobutaminechf,
TU metproterenolbronchodilation
TU terbutalineBronchodilation
TU SalbutamolBroncholdilation
TU clenbuterolbronchodilation
TU salmeterolbronchodilation
TU isozsuprinenavicular disease improve blood flow to extremdies
TU ritodrineuterine relaxant, stop premature labor
TU Ractopaminerepartition for cattle and swine, increase leaness of meat and decrease fat content
TU amphetaminestimulant in mood, and obesity illegal in humans
TU ephedrinebronchodilator, UB sphincter constriction, cns stimulation, nasal decongestiant, myaethenia gravis
phenozybenxaminepheochromocytoma block all alpha receptors prior to removal of tumor, manameent of benign prostatic obsturciton relax spchincter, and detrusor aflexial in dogs and cads. helps contract UB
phetolaminepheochromocytoma hypertension and releave phseudo obstuction of bowel
tolazolinereverse effects of xylazine in large animals
prazosinhypertension and benign prostate hypertrophy
yohimbinereversal of xylazine and detomidine
atipamezolemanagement of pheochromocytoma, hypertension, benign prostate hypertrophy, and reversal agent
propanololnegative inotropic and chronotropic
timololrestrict aqueous humor wide angle glaucoma
sotalolanti arrythmic drug
atenolol,metoprolol,acebutololl ischemic heart diseases, hypertension, cardiac arrtyhmias, phenochromoctyoma, g, migrain prhohylaxis
esmololused in heart attacks

Section 3

Question Answer
drugs that help with glaucomaphenylephrine, aproclondine, timolol, carbachol, pilocarpine
how does phenylephrine workmydriatic
how does aproclondine workreduces blood flow to eye and reduces production of aqeous humor
how does timolol work?wide angle glucoma, restrict aqueous humor production
how does carbachol work reduces ocular pressure
how does pilocarpine workcontract pupil, and bv.
what should you definately not use for glaucoma?ATROPINE

Section 4

Question Answer
clostridium toxischoelerginic binds to receptors on cholineric nerve terminal inhibit ACH in junction so they cause paralysis
black window spider toxinsblocks ach after an initial ACH release
carbacholdirect parasymmimics
behanecholdirect parasymimics
pilocarpinemuscarinic agonist
physotigminecholineresterase inhibitor
neostigminecholinesterase inhibitor
pyridostiminecholinesterase inhibitor
edrophoniamcholinesterase inhibitor
atropineparasympatholytics (cholinergic antagonist)
scolamineparasympatholytic (cholinergic antagonist)
pirenzepinem1 blocker
telensepineselective m blocker
tropicamineselective m blocker
glycopyrrolatesynthetic anti musc
homatropinesyntehtic anti musc
ipratropiumsyntheric anti musc
hexamethoniumautonomic ganglion blocker prototype
trimetaphanauto gang block
mecamylamineauto gang block

Section 5

Question Answer
tu carbacholglaucoma in dogs, rumen atony in cattle, impaction in horses
bethanecholgi paralytic ileus, ub atony
tu pilocarpineglaucoma
tu physotigmineCAN PASS BBB glaucoma, antidote for atropine, myasthenia gravis, impaction in cattle
neostigminemyasthenia gravis, contractility
pyridostiminelonger acting form of cholinesterase inhibitor
edrophoniamincrease gi motility, glaucoma, anti curare, and diagnosis of myasthenia gravis
tu atropinetreat organophosphate,carbomate, pralidoxime poisoning, relax git, increase co, increase BP, relaxes smooth m ub, bronchiodilation, DONT USE FOR GLAUCOMA
tu scolaminesedation, block recepors for Vomit,
tu pirenzepinereduces gastric acid secretion
tu telenzepinelowers gastric acid secretion
tropicaminetreat adhesion between iris and lens
tu glycopyrrolatepreanesthetic use
tu homatropinemydriasis and cycloplegia
tu ipratropiumbronchodilatoin, nasal spray
heamethonium prototype hasnt been released yet
trimetaphanemergency lowering of BP

Section 6

Question Answer
organophosphatenon reversible toxicology
antidote for organophosphateatropine and oximes
pralidoximenon reversible
antidone for pralidoximeatropine and oximes
carbomatenon reversable
antidote for carbomateJUST ATROPINE oximes contradicted here