Pharm Law

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Question Answer
Max codeine for CV200 mg/ 100mL
Practitioner DEA numbers start withA, B, F
Midlevel DEA numbers start withM
Distrubtor DEA numbers start with P or R
Expiration for compounded nonaqeous liquids and solidsnon more than 25% of time remaining on commercial product or max of 6 mos whichever is less
Expiration for compounded aqueous solns made from solids14 dayys at cold temp
Misc compounded product expiration date30 days
Repacking may be performed byRPh or unlicensed person under supervision of RPh
Repacking records must be maintained for5 years
A standing immunization order must includeAgents, dose, indications, and routes. Name, license # and signature of prescriber. Beginning and end date. Can be RPh specific or for all certified RPhs
Repacking meds for in-house use expiration date12 months or 50% of time remaining of manufacture's expiration date, whichever is less
To not be considered a manufacturer a pharmacy must limit its interstate distribution of compounded products to not more than5% of total Rx volume
Executive SecretaryServes on the BOP, appointed by regents on rec of commissioner
To practice pharmacy must register withThe education dep
Must notify BOP of address or name change within30 days
Is a separate NYS registration required for each pharmacyYES!
If pharmacy moving locationsmust apply for endorsement to another address no less than 30 days prior to relocation
A preceptor RPh can supervise1 full time intern or 2 part time interns
If change supervising RPhNotify dept with name of replacement RPh, apply for ammended registration within 7 days of change!
One intern for how many Rxs dispensed annually5000
How many unlicensed persons may assist a RPh2
Standing order for immunizations requirementsphysician or NP whose practice site is in county in which immunization is adminsterted. Or if population is <75K, in a county adjoining
Who can measure, weigh, compound, or mix ingredientsRPh and intern
Can techs sign/initial records of dispensingno
Must notify dept of transfer of pharmacy ownership byAt least 6 wks prior to proposed date
Notify dept if change in corporate officers or principle stockholdersWithin 30 days
Notify dept of fire, flood, distaster within48 hours
Does department need to know about pharmacy renovationsYES! before any take place
If changing corporate namenotify dept prior to use of any new name
Notify dept of sale of drugs at auctionAt least 7 days prior
To be an immunizer in NYS you mustBe certified which includes a training coarse in the past 3 yrs, CPR, and OSHA certification. Must be registered with BOP