Pharm Law 2

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Requirements of sign for drug retail price list?Must have sign posted notifying patients in bold block letters at least 1in in height
Do midwives have to be registered with the state?Yes, license # starts with F and is followed by 6 digits
Do NPs have to be registered with the state?Yes, license # starts with F and is followed by 6 digits with first 2 representing specialty area
Can optometrists prescribe meds?Yes but they must be certified by NYS education dept
What needs to be included in patient profilesName, address, phone# for pt. Gender and DOB. Allergies. Drug interactions. Chronic diseases. Meds and relevant devices.
What can phase-2 optometrists prescribe?alpha-agonists, beta-blockers, and cholinergic agents
What diagnostic agents can an optometrist prescribe?Mydriatics, miotics, cycloplegics, anesthetics
Can a PA write for Rxs/ controlled Rxs?Yes! Under supervision of physician. If a controlled substance MD's name must be stamped or imprinted on Rx pad. PA still have their own DEA#


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With mail order or internet pharmacies, if potential drug therapy problemsThe pt must be contacted prior to filing Rx. Offer to counsel must be provided personally by physician or intern. And if pt declines, must document.
With mail order/internet pharmacies, if an RPh received approval for an alternative drug the pharmacist mustInclude a notice of change with order that includes directions and availability to counsel. Must also make "reasonable effort" to contact pt by phone and offer counselling
Counseling requirements includeName, description of med, and known indication. Dosage form, dosage, rt of administration, and duration of drug therapy. Special directions or precautions for preparing, administering, and using. Common severe ADRs or interactions and therapeutic contraindications. Techniques for self monitoring, proper storage, refill info, and missed dose instructions.
ONYSRx RPh test areaheat sensitive, color will change from blue to light blue or transparent when rubbed
ONYSRx secure standard registeron back of Rx, heat sensitive, will change from orange to yellow when rubbed
When can multiple drugs be written on on Rxif from a LTCF or if for insulin with needles etc.
How long must prescription be stored for?5 years
If receive oral authorization for Rx refills mustRecord on back of Rx the date, time, name of prescriber, initials of RPh or intern receiving
Documenting refillson back of rx - the date of refill and signature initials of RPh or computer system
When does a pharmacist cancel an RxAt the completion of processing a prescription
How does an RPh cancel an Rx?Initial face of Rx or sign in full if CS, write the Rx number, write the date of fill, and if generic, the name of teh mfgr/distributor


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What are the critical elements on Rx label?Pt name, directions for use (full sentences), and drug name and strenght. Must be 12 pt font and color or bold
BioavailabilityRate/extend the active ingredients are abs and available at site of intented action
Bioequivalent drug productsPharmaceutically equivalent (same active ingred, dosage form, strength, rt of admin) products that display comparative bioavailability.
Pharmaceutical equivalentDrug product with same active ingred, dosage form, strength and rt of administration
Therapeutic equivalentPharmaceutically and bioequivalent
Pharmaceutical alternativeDifferent salts/esters of same therapeutic moiety. NOT THERAPEUTICALLY EQUIVALENT
When a generic substitution is usedon Rx label need the name and strength and manufacturer of generic and need to record on actual Rx the name of manufacturer and distributor
IS fiorinal a CS?YES! contains ASA so it is a CS sched III. Fioricet is not!
What schedule is chorionic gonadrotropin?Schedule III
How long are CS Rxs valid for?For all schedules, must fill CS Rx within 30 days from date issued
Do CS Rxs have to be signed by practitionerYES! Must be hand signed withink, not stamped.


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What is the max supply for oral CS Rxs?For CIIs must be emergency. Ok for others without emergency. Max 5 day supply! Unless non BZD CIV- then 30day or 100 dosage units ok
CS Rx codes allow forup to 90 day supply with any controlled substance or 6 mos with anabolic steroid
CS Code APanic disorder
CS Code FHormone deficiency in males, gyn conditions resp to anabolic steroids or chorionic gonadotropin, metastatic BCA in women, anemia and angioedema
CS Code CChorinc debilitating neuro conditions charact by movement disorder or exhibiting seizure, convulsive, or spasm activity
CS Code DRelief of pain in pts with diseases known to be chronic or incurable


CS Bode B: ADD
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Can codes be added or changed to a CS RxYES! With MDs authorization
Can CIII-CV Rxs be refilled if given over 30 days supply?YES! but may only refill once
Max refills for CIII-CV Rxs?Max 5 refills, expiring 6 mos from date of Rx issue
Can we dispense out of state CS Rxs?YES! IF written within 30 days and all requirements req by NYS.
How long must pharmacies keep CS records5 years!
Where must CS records be kept?On premises where licensed activtiy is occurring