Pharm GI disease drugs

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What drugs (types) are used to treat equine colic?NSAIDS, Alpha2 agonists, opoid agonists
What Nsaids are used in colic?Flunixin meglumine (most potent), metamizole sodium, phenylbutazone
what are the alpha 2 agonists used to treat colic?xylazine and detomidine
what are the opiod agonists used to treat equine colic? meperidine and butorphanol
What is used to treat hepatic encephalopathy?Docusate sodium (dioctyl sodiumsulfosuccinate), Neomycin sulphate and lactulose
What broad things are used to treat chronic colitis?Diet, increase fiber content, antidiarrhoel, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory drugs
what antidiarrheals are used to treat chronic colitis?Diphenoxylate and loperamide (opiods!)
What antimicrobial is used to treat chronic colitis?sulfasalazine
what anti-inflammatory drugs are used to treat chronic colitis?Olsalazine, sulfalazine or metronidazole (only metronidazole if not responding to first two)

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