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amphotericin Bamphoteric molecule, polyene, macrocyclic, binds to ergosterol. punch ohles im membranes of fungi. liposomal form made to decrease toxicity
nystatinsame as amphotericin B. too toxic for parenteral
flucytosineconverted to 5 fluorouracil when taken up by susceptible fungi. disrupts fungal RNA and inhibits protein synthesis
Griseofulvinantifungal drug used to treat derm infections and ones under the skin
azole antifungalsbetter TI then ampho and nystatin. inhibit cytochrome p450 in fungi. block conversion lanosterol to ergosterol
ketoconazoleazole antifungal greatest affinity for human CYP 3A4. best absorbed at low stomach PH so take with acidifiers like orange juice. can decrease produciton of gonadal and adrenal hormones leading to gynecomastia
fluconazolemost commonly prescirbed. used for oropharyngeal and esopahgeal condidiasis. also has good penetration into CNS so used for brain and spinal cord fungal infections like cyrtptococcal meningitis
Clotrimazole (lotrimin) and miconazole (monistat)used for VAGAINL FUNGAL CADIDIASIS.
acycloviragainst herpes. 3 pi steps get acyclovir triphosphate which inhibits viral DNA synthesis. only infected cells will Pi the acyclovir.
valacyclovirprodurg converted to acyclovir
ganciclovirsimilar to aciclovir by greater sensitivity for CMV.
ZidovudineAZT- inhibit syntehsis of viral DNA form RNA ie reverse T inhibitor
Didanosinecombined with dizuvudine to decrease resistence. dose dependent pancreatitis and hyperuricemia
lamuvidinesimilar to didanosine but less pancreatitis
Efavirenz NON NUCLEOTIDE. reverse T inhibitro.
indinavir ritonavir and saquinavirthis are protease inhibitors. stop the cleavage and assembly of virions
Maravirocattach to CCR5 on CD4 T cells to stop the hiv from gettin gin
Enfuviritidebinds gp12- on HIV surface stop bindging to CD4 cell
Raltegravirblocks incorpotion of the newly formed DNA into the CD4 DNA by stopping integrase
amantinde and rimantadinetreats teh flu. amantidine also anti-parkinson drug increase DA release in cells.
zanamivir and ostelmanvirneuramidase inhibitors. stop the virus from getting out of infected cell

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cyclophosphamidealkylating agent causes hemorrhagic cystitis
cisplatin carboplatin and oxaliplatinalkylating agnets. dose limiting is neuropathy
Lomustine, CarmustineCCNU and BCNU. these are nitrosoureas they cross teh BBB and are alkylating agents
bleomycinalkylating agent nitrosurea. unique DOESNT CAUSE MYELOSUPPRESSION. does cause pulmonary fibrosis
irinotecantoposiomerase I inhibitor. DIARRHEA
doxorubicintoposiomerase II inhibitor also intercalating agent
fluorouracilantimetabolite pyrimidine antagonist. stomattis and mucosistis
methotrexatefolic acid analog stop formation of thymidine an dpurines mucosiitis and puritis
cytarabinecytadine analog. myelosuppression
vincristinestop polymerization of tubulin. neuropathy
paclitaxelstop the depolymerization of MT. neuropathy
tamoxifenestrogen agonist antagonist. endometrial cancer
anastrozolearomatase inhibitor stops conversion of androgen to estrogens
bicalutamideantiandrogen. inhibit uptake and binding of test and DHT to receptors.
abiraterone acetateanti-androgen
TrastuzumabHER2 inhibitor. antibody
cetuximaberb1 in colorectal cancer. antibody
Vemurafenibblock Ras and MAP kinase
IpilimumabAb against CTLA4 stop suppression of T cell
PembrolizumabAb against PD1
BevacizumabAnti VEGF
SunitinibPDGFR inhibitor
Lenalidomideanti angiogenic immunomodulator

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