Pharm final 4

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Question Answer
dichlorvos is a what used on what?organiphosphate used on whipworms
rafoxanide is a what and its special properities are?proton ioninophone--> bind to plasma protein and stay in circ--> long half life so broad spectrum so mature and immature
special feature of levamisole?(IMIDAZOTHIAZOLES) antinematodal AND immunostimulation (I'll be leva with you--> my immune system is overstimulated, baby)
Benzimidazoles MOA? tx? how to recognize these drugs?BZD binds irreversibly to nematode beta-tubulin, prevents dimerization with alpha-tubulin and polymerization of tubulinoligomers into microtubules I.E., INHIBIT MICROTUBULE FORMATION. TX GI AND LUNG NEMATODES. all have "zole" in the word
NM blockade is MOA for which groups?levamisole, pyrantel, morantel, piperizine
Macrocyclic lactones MOA?inc/bind GABA gated chloride ion channels--> hyperppolarization
dichlorvos (organophosphate) MOA?irreversible inhibition of acetylcholinesterase--> accumulation of acetylcholine--> sustained muscle contraction and subsequent paralysis
contraindications of BZD?