Pharm final 2.0

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ethanolaminesdiphenhydramine. very sedating. local anesthetic. first line for parkinsons and motion sickness. high chance anticholinergic
ethylenediaminestripelenaamine- sleeping aids. high chance anticholinergic
piperazinesBonline. cyclizine. meclizine. anti motion sickness
phenothiazinespromethazine- very sedating. anti emetic. local anesthetic. high chance anticholinergic
piperadinesloratadiline hydrochloride CLARITIN
alkylamineschlorpheniramine- cold drugs slight sedation.

Section 2

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antibiotic for h. pyloriclarithromycin or amoxicillin
pirenzipineantimuscarinic used in GERD. selective for M1 on parietal cells but not approved in teh US
misoprostolprostaglandin analog used in GERD. can induce labor in women pregnant and spontaeous abortions. Increase mucous and bicarb lvls and decrease acid secretion.
arthrotecdiclofenac with misoprostol
hyoscamineantimsucarinic in teh US for treatment of gerd but also can stop incontinence
tolteridoneantimuscarinic used to treat urinary incontinence
metoclopramideprokinetic used in treatment of GERD. peripherally it enhances release of ACh centrally it block DA and 5HT so good for N/V drug induced.
sucralfateopposite charge of erosion/ ulcer. covers it up. made of aluminum hydroxide and sulfated sucrose. aluminum = CONSTIPATION
rolaidsaluminum hydroxide- constipation
milk of magnesiaantacid of magnesium hydroxide = diarrhea
maalox, mylanta, gelusilal and mg so counteract each other
tumscalcium carbonate- rebound acidity from this
simethiconethis is a defoaming agent that removes gas pain have one big release. reduces surface tension of gas bubbles get one big bubble