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nizatidineH2 blocker, not used anymore bc of SE
Which of these Insulin is considered less antigenic for humans? Human Recombinant, Beef, Porkhuman recombinant
2-Which of these combinations of antibiotics would you use for gram+ & pseudomonas?
4-During surgery your patient develops bradycardia, what meds would you use?
doxorubicin SE'scardiotoxicity
Even when aminoglycosides are given q/12 h they produce a great effect because:of their lipid solubility
fexofenadineantihistamine that does produce sleepiness (same thing as terfenadine that was pulled from market)
Which one of these meds doesn’t have codeine? propoxyphene, dihydrocodone, oxycodone, hydrocodonepropoxyphene(other 3 are in a dif class)
Flucytosine MOAinhibits RNA & DNA(inhibits nucleic acid synthesis)
pt is taking lovastatin
probenecidused for gout
naproxen classNSAID
propanolol class, moa, function; contraindicationsbeta blocker; long half life, used in TH storm-prevents peripheral T4-T3 conversion, do not give in DM(also acts on beta2 thus decr insulin secr, do not give to asthma pt bc antagonist
clonidineselective alpha 2 agonists, txs HTN and psychosis, SE is rebound HTN(occurs when blood press rises after u stop taking or lowering the dose of a drug)
pralidoximeused with atropine to tx organophosphate posisoning
zidovudineNRTI, reverse transcriptase needs thymidine kinase, used for general prophylaxis and during pregnancy to reduce transmission risk, se-bone marrow suppression and megaloblastic anemia