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Question Answer
edrophonium classacetylcholinesterase inhibitors
dx MGedrophonium
tx MGneostigmine
tx besides donepezil for alzheimerstacrine
acetylcholinesterase inhibitors used for glaucomaecothiophate, physostigmine
mydriasis w/cyclopegiaatropine
DOC parkinson'sbenztropine, trihexyphenidyl
anti cholinergic for pt with COPDipratropium
motion sicknessscopolamine
reduce urgency in mild cystitis & reduce bladder spasmsoxybutinin
alpha 1 functionrestricts: vasoconstriction, constricts sphinter(won't let u pee)
causes decreased production of aqueous humorepinephrine,
open angle glaucomaepinephrine,
DOC anaphylaxisepinephrine
alpha 1 used for asthma epinephrine, norepinephrine
alpha 1 used for hypotensionepinephrine, norepinephrine
incontinence in the elderlyephedrine
neurogenic shockphenylephrine
DOC for pheochromocytomaphetlolamine, phenoxybenzamine
DOC f/pts on MAOi that ate tyraminephetlolamine
first line for BPHdoxazocin, terazosin
tx f/HTN but assoc. with 1st dose syncopeprazocin
beta blockers with long half lifepropranolol
used in TH stormpropranolol
BB with short half lifeesmolol
Intrinsic sympathetic actionacebutolol, atenolol, pindolol
How does Propranolol stop TH stormprevents T4-T3 conversion
can give to DM ptsacebutolol, atenolol, pindolol
HTN emergencylabetalol, carbedilol
BB with A1 antagonistic activityLabetalol, carvedilol
BB for open angle glaucomatimolol
decr post MI mortalitycarvediol, metoprolol
partial K+ channel activitystool
Incr QT intervalsotolol
long term tx for asthmasalmeterol
DOC asthma with short half lifealbuterol, terbutaline
tx premature laborterbutaline
SE rebound HTNclonidine
Tx HTNclonidine, alpha methyl dopa
HTN during child bearing yrsmethyldopa
SE: coombsalpha methyl dopa
Tx psychosisclonidine
tx depressionmirtazapine
mirtazapine seincr appetite, incr serum cholesterol, incr sedation
incr serum cholesterolmirtazapine
congestive heart failuredobutamine
DOC for bradyarrhythmiasisoproterenol
BB that is used for bronchospasmisoproterenol
BB that is used for a heart blockisoproterenol
beta 1 agonists SEflushing, angina, arrhythmias
DOC for the oral tx of MGpyridostigmine
alpha 1 nasal decongestantphenylephrine
BB functionsincr heart rate, incr contractility, promote glucagon release, incr renin release, incr lipolysis
contraindictation for BB1DM
BB2 functionsincr contractility(decr intestine motility), vasodilation(decr total peripheral resistance, diastolic press & after load), relax uterus, bronchodilation, incr insulin secretion, good for DM
alpha 2 functionsdecr NE release(makes u more Parasympathetic) deck insulin & thus lipolysis(bad for DM pts) promote platelet aggregation
alpha 1 & eyeMydriasis due to norepinephrine.
Post ganglionic symapthetic fibers releases norepinephrinesympathic
Post ganglionic parasympathetic fibers release AchPNS
M3 eye Contracts sphincter = miosis. Contracts ciliary = accommodation.
M3 lungbronchospasm increases secretions
M3 Giincr motility


Question Answer
Furosemide MOAinhibit Na/K/Cl in ascending limb of loop of Henle
Ethycrynic acid MOAinhibit Na/K/Cl in ascending limb of loop of Henle
If on loop diuretic pt should not be on ?NSAIDS(loop stimulate release of PGE, NSAID inhibits PGE)
Ethycrynic acid SEOh DANG! Ototoxicity w/aminoglycosides, hypocalemia, hypokalemia, dehydration, sulfa allergy(fur), nephritis, gout
cause interstitial nephritisfurosemide/ ethycrynic acid
ethycrynic acid clinical usepulmonary edema
hydrochlorothiazide MOAinhibits Na/CL reabsorption in distal convoluted tube
hydrochlorothiazide S/EhyperGLUC & hypOnatremia, hypOkalemic Metabolic AlkalOsis