Pharm 2 - Final 2

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ABx cntd

Question Answer
Which ABx inhibits Topoisomerase II gyrase enzyme?Fluoroquinolones (flo gyrates her hips like a top)
Metronidazole is good for Tx of?Protozoans & anaerobes
What is the distribution/absorption/kinetics of Fluoroquinolones?Widely distributed, well absorbed, accumulate in phagocytic cells so affects intracellular pathogens. Also Rifampin does this
Which drugs accumulate in macrophages (phagocytic cells)?Fluoroquinolones, Rifampin ((the DNA & RNA ones! flo will put a Rif in your macrophage collection)
Which drug affects the retina in cats?Fluoroquinolones (also joint arthroplasty - flo stabs your knees & then her cats eyes)
Which drug should you not give to animals w/ seizures, & why?FLUOROQUINOLONES bc they ↓ GABA which ↑ CNS excitement → seizures (FLO will give you a seizure w/ how annoying she is...& stabby)
Methenamine is used for what, & what should you know?Used for UTIs (urinary antiseptic) requires acidic pH in renal tubule to release the formaldehyde. Then meth broken down to release the drug....since it needs an acidic urine, DONT GIVE W/ SULFONAMDES bc this will trigger them to cz major crystals (meth will make you pee a lot)
What is Carbadox used for? SFx?Used as a growth promoter in swine, prophy for enteric infxns in swine. If conc exceeds in feed, Aldosterone goes down! (Will cz hyperaldosteronism)
Polymyxin/Polystine work how? Admin? Can combine with? Special traits?Cell membrane (affects permeation process). Admin usually topically. Can combine w/ sulfas. Polymyxin binds w/ endotoxins of G- bact (replacing the membrane w/ sulfur would be very effective. Mixing in toxins will not even work bc Polymyxin kills them)
G- Endotoxin binding drug is?POLYMYXIN B
Metronidazole → used for what? Tox?Antiprotozoal & obligate anaerobic infxns. Highly carcinogenic.
What are the 2 Lincosamides?Lincomycin & Clindamycin
What is Clindamycin’s spectrum? What is it used against? What are its kinetics?Specific in spectrum, effective against anaerobic & Toxoplasma gondii. Also more lipid soluble. Can permeate BBB
ABx which can fight Toxoplasma gondii?CLINDAMYCIN (aunt Linda hangs out w/ Ghandi)
Which ABx can get into the CNS? (2)Clindamycin can cross BBB, Chloramphenicol can get into CNS bc highly lipid soluble (aunt Linda clamping on the brain)
What are the Macrolides?Tilmicosin, Tylosin, Tiamulin, Azithromycin, Clarithromycin, Erythromycin (mac will kill horses till his heart stops, camp w/ blood, & a girl named Clair will be w/ him for just a few packs)
Which drug is good for Tx Mycoplasma, & which group does it belong to?Tylosin (& it's a Macrolide) ...also this is the 1 fatal in horses. SO, can Tx a COWS PINK EYE but dont you dare give it to the horses
Which Macrolide is Type 3?AZITHROMYCIN is Type 3, so has PAE (post antibiotic effect) which means it lasts longer in the host
How do you know if its a Fluoro?Has flox in it
When shouldnt you give Enrofloxacin?W/ dairy products or antacids! Remember, it's a Fluoro & Fluoros & Tetras chelate cations (remember that flo is lactose intolerant & tetras will ruin your teeth)
What is the MOA of Metronidazole?MOA- undergoes reduction in cell mitochondria & incorporated into structure & inhibits replication processes
Most ABx are Type 2... What are the Type 1 & 3s?Type 1: Aminoglycosides (bc they have the PAE bc they irreversibly bind) & Fluoro & Metroni (bc they affect DNA)
Type 3: Tetracyclines & Azithromycins