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Butyrophenone Derivatives (General)
Question Answer
Name the butyrophenone derivativesazaperone, droperidol, haloperidol
What receptors do butyrophenones work on and howD2 antagonist, α1 antagonist, slight antihistaminergic
Butyrophenones are highly _____ with a ____ onset timelipophillic, fast
Butyrophenones are broken down/excreted in the ____ and should not be used in cases of ____liver/kidney, liver or kidney disease
Butyrophenones cause what in horsessalivation, sweating, muscle tremors
When should butyrophenones not be usedcoma, CNS depression, long QT interval, hypokalemia, epilepsy, hypotension
What is the receptor binding affinity of haloperidolD2 > D1 = D4 > α1 > 5-HT


Butyrophenone Derivatives (drugs)
Question Answer
Why/what species are butyrophenones usedanti-emetic, antiphychotic/calming in swine, sedative in wildlife
What are the CNS effects of azaperonemoderate/excellent sedation
What are the CV effects of azaperoneHorse/pig- decreased MAP, young pig- decreased HR/CO
What are the musculo-skeletal effects of azaperonereduced muscle tone, mild ataxia (not good in large animals)
What are the misc. effects of azaperonereduced body temp (can counteract malignant hyperthermia in pigs)
What are the side-effects of azaperoneparadoxical excitement in horses (IV), CV depression lasts longer than sedation, no analgesia
What are the CNS effects of droperidolsedative
What are the CV effects of droperidoldecreased BP, low dose- increased catecholamiens (hypertension), high dose- decreased catecholamines
What are the resp. effects of droperidolnone (except with fentanyl)
What are the musculo-skeletal effects of droperidolreduced muscle tone
What are the side-effects of droperidoldiskinesis/muscle tremors/restlessness, cerebral vasoconstriction, reduced seizure threshold, increased QT inervalno analgesia
How does fentanyl affect droperidolno cerebral vasoconstriction, increased HR w/ no change in BP, resp. depression