Pharm 1 - Prescription Writing

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Question Answer
Prescription should state (2) & give instructions on (2)STATE
(1) What is to be given to whom
(2) By whom prescribed

(1) How much how often
(2) What route & for how long or total quantity supplied
Superscription has what two main things?(1) Date
(2) Owner & their address
Inscription should contain (3)What drug, dose of that drug, & how many of that drug at that dose
Subscription should contain (2)Instructions on the drug (like make a mixture) & how much to send
What should be in the signa or sig (3ish)The "label"? The animal, the instructions on how to make or give, & cautions
What media should you write the Rx in?LEGIBLY IN INK or other not-erasable thing.
What should you ALWAYS do on the Rx?Sign & Date (its a legal document)
When should you abbreviate drug names?NEVER
Which name of the drug should you use?Brand & Generic names
If the strength is greater than 1g, use what measurement? If less than 1g? If less than 1mg? Important to note about less than 1mg unit, & also what should you avoid when writing these numbers?Greater than 1g use grams. Less than 1g use mg. if less than 1mg use micrograms****WRITE OUT THE MICROGRAM, DON'T WRITE THE MU SYMBOL & also always AVOID unnecessary decimals.
When writing how often you dose, what should you use? What should you avoid?Use q24h, q12h, etc. DON'T USE SID, BID, QID (*write instructions in English if misinterpretation is likely)
Who acts as a clearing house to collect complaints (of rogue drug suppliers) & forward them to appropriate regulatory agenciesAVMA
What are nutraceuticals? Be aware of what?No therapeutic claims: No rx- drug-drug interactions
Compounded drugs must be for ___? Cannot be purchased ____? What if from bulk chemicals?Must be used for individual client w/in valid VCPR (vetclientpatientrelationship.) Cant be purchased in bulk from compounder & resold.
If from bulk chemicals, technically ILLEGAL!!
If the ingredients are from FDA approved products then they're legal under AMDUCA
How are controlled substances categorized?5 categories;
C2 is most abused
C5 is least
(C1 no accepted medical use)
How are controlled substances controlled?DEA registrants
How often can you refill controlled substances?Only 5 times or 6 months
Examples of schedule 1 drugs (no med use)
What is a remark about them?
Dioxymethamphetamine, Heroin, Mescaline, Methylene
High potential for abuse, no accepted medical use, used for research purposes
Examples of schedule 2 drugs? What is important about them?Amobarbital, Cocaine, Dextroamphetamine, Fentanyl, Meperidine, Morphine, Oxycodone
Have a high potential for abuse, Do currently have accepted medical uses, Abuse leads to dependence.
Examples of schedule 3 drugs? What is important about them?Anabolic steroids, Ketamine, Nalorphine, certain schedule 2 substances
There is a smaller abuse potential, They do have an accepted medical use, dependence is moderate to low
Examples of schedule 4 drugs? What is important about them?Alprazolam, Meprobamate, Modafinil, Phenobarbital
Abuse potential is less than schedule 2 drugs, Have a limited dependence, and do have an accepted medical use
Examples of schedule 5 drugs? What is important about them?Atropine tablets, Buprenorphine, Codeine, Guaifenesin cough syrups
Have a low abuse potential, have an accepted medical use
Who licenses meds in Europe? What else do they do?European Medicines Agency (also public communications, promote avail of vet meds, monitor & access safety, advise on how to reduce antimicrobial resistance, etc)
What kind of system does Europe have for prescribing meds? Describe.Cascade system: level 1, 2, & 3. also a spread sheet on how to determine withdrawal periods.
5 main points of society's concerns(1) Efficacy in animals
(2) Safety in animals
(3) Safety in food supply
(4) Enviro safety
(5) Susceptibility of human vs animal pathogens