Pharm 1 - Prescription Writing

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Prescription should state (2) & give instructions on (2)STATE
(1) What is to be given to whom
(2) By whom prescribed

(1) How much how often
(2) What route & for how long or total quantity supplied
Superscription has what two main things?(1) Date
(2) Owner & their address
Inscription should contain (3)What drug, dose of that drug, & how many of that drug at that dose
Subscription should contain (2)Instructions on the drug (like make a mixture) & how much to send
What should be in the signa or sig (3ish)The "label"? The animal, the instructions on how to make or give, & cautions
What media should you write the Rx in?LEGIBLY IN INK or other not-erasable thing.
What should you ALWAYS do on the Rx?Sign & Date (its a legal document)
When should you abbreviate drug names?NEVER
Which name of the drug should you use?Brand & Generic names
If the strength is greater than 1g, use what measurement? If less than 1g? If less than 1mg? Important to note about less than 1mg unit, & also what should you avoid when writing these numbers?Greater than 1g use grams. Less than 1g use mg. if less than 1mg use micrograms****WRITE OUT THE MICROGRAM, DON'T WRITE THE MU SYMBOL & also always AVOID unnecessary decimals.
When writing how often you dose, what should you use? What should you avoid?Use q24h, q12h, etc. DON'T USE SID, BID, QID (*write instructions in English if misinterpretation is likely)
Explain dispensing vs describing USA dilemmaYou have to write them an Rx but they arent required to fill it at your place. Warn them of probs of internet shopping (storage/stability, lack of counseling, violation of state law if pharm cant ship to your state)
Who acts as a clearing house to collect complaints (of rogue drug suppliers) & forward them to appropriate regulatory agenciesAVMA
Legend/prescription drugs can only be used w/in a valid vet-client-patient relationship, which involves 3 things(1) Agreement between vet & owner
(2) Exam
(3) Follow-up
What are nutraceuticals? Be aware of what?No therapeutic claims: No rx- drug-drug interactions
Compounded drugs must be for ___? Cannot be purchased ____? What if from bulk chemicals?Must be used for individual client w/in valid VCPR (vetclientpatientrelationship.) Cant be purchased in bulk from compounder & resold. If from bulk chemicals, technically ILLEGAL!!
How are controlled substances categorized?5 categories. C2 is most abused, C5 is least. (C1 no accepted medical use)
How are controlled substances controlled?DEA registrants
How often can you refill controlled substances?Only 5 times or 6 months
Examples of schedule 1 drugs (no med use)Heroin
Examples of schedule 2 drugs (high abuse potential, IS med use, abuse → dependence)Morphine
Examples of schedule 3 drugs (less abuse potential than 2, med use, moderate to low dependence)Anabolic steroids
Examples of schedule 4 drugs (limited dependence, abuse potential less than sched 2)Alprazolam
Examples of schedule 5 drugs (low potential for abuse)Buprenorphine
Guaifenesin cough syrups
Atropine tablets
Who licenses meds in Europe? What else do they do?European Medicines Agency (also public communications, promote avail of vet meds, monitor & access safety, advise on how to reduce antimicrobial resistance, etc)
What kind of system does Europe have for prescribing meds? Describe.Cascade system: level 1, 2, & 3. also a spread sheet on how to determine withdrawal periods.
5 main points of society's concerns(1) Efficacy in animals
(2) Safety in animals
(3) Safety in food supply
(4) Enviro safety
(5) Susceptibility of human vs animal pathogens

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