Pharm 1 - Behavioral Drugs

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Question Answer
What is a FAP?Fixed action patter. ie, normal b/h
What is MAO-A (inhibitor) & what is it responsible for?Enzyme to break down NTs n stuff. A= CENTRAL+PERIPHERAL & deals w/ SEROTONIN, NOREPI, & EPI (NES traveled far & wide)
What is MAO-B (inhibitor) & what is it responsible for?Enzyme to break down NTs & stuff. B= CENTRAL ONLY. NOREPI & DOPAMINE. (I want you to B the CENTER of my world, NOR said. cuz Ur DOPe)
What might cause serotonin syndrome, & explain the syndromeMAO-B might (bc centrally acting) & it causes hypertension, hyperthermia, metabolic ACIDosis, rhabdomyolysis
What kinda drug is selegiline? What is it used for? Side effects?Selective irreversible MAO-B inhibitor. (Gil B the CENTER of my world bc he DOPE) treat dementia, fear & phobias, pituitary dependent hyperadrenocorticism. Side effects = hyperactivity & stereotypic b/h
SNRI/Tricyclics have affinity for what? Adverse effects? Metabolism? Use for in dogs? Cats?NOREPI > 5-HT. adverse effects = hypotension, tachycardia, arrhythmia, CYP450 metabolism! Dogs = mild aggression, compulsive disorders, anxiety. Cats = some aggression, inappropriate URINATION. Anxiety/vocalization. Excessive grooming
What is amitriptyline? What does it do?SNRI 5-HT > NOR. Separation anxiety, moderate effects on cholinergic/adrenergic receptors
What is clomipramine? What does it do?SNRI 5-HT >> NOR. Separation anxiety, canine compulsive disorders
SSRIs do what in general?More specific for 5-HT uptake
Fluoxetine does what? Adverse effects?SSRI. Adverse = GI in cats, sedation/agitation, anorexia
Receptors for psychotrophic drugs (4)Monoamines, amino acids, neuropeptides & neurosteroids.
Tranquilizers (drugs & problem in an animal)Benzos (alprazolam). Cats have a long resistance time bc no glucuronidation so potential hepatotoxicity
Dopaminergic synapse is missing what?Enzyme B-dopamine hydroxyls is missing so DOPA can't be turned into NOR
Clinical use of neurolepticsDopamine receptor antagonists (sedatives & anxiolytics)
What receptors do Dopamine receptor antagonists work on (4)ACh-M, alpha adrenoceptors, histamine receptors, serotonin receptors
Hormones as behavioral drugsProgestin & Estrogens. Used to suppress excitatory effects of glutamate, suppress male behavior. Testosterone inhibitors treat aggression in male dogs
Pheromones (2) & uses?Dog Appeasing Pheromone (DAP) separation anxiety, destructive behavior, phobias. Feline Facial Pheromone (FFP) treat urine spraying, avoidance of social contact, cat aggression, appetite loss