Pharm 1 - ANS

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Question Answer
ANS is a complex of ___, ___, & ___Nerves, Plexuses & Ganglia
ANS regulates activity of ___, ____, & ___Exocrine glands, smooth muscles, visceral organs (etc)
Outflow tract of ANS has what?Preganglionic & postganglionic neurons
Where is the cell body of the preganglionic neuron? In the CNS
Where does a preganglionic neuron synapse? In a autonomic ganglion
Where is the neuroeffector junction?Where the axon of a postganglionic cell innervates its effector organ
Another name for sympathetic nervous system? Thoracolumbar outflow (pregang neurons from thoracic & lumbar portion of SC)
Where are the PARAvertebral ganglia?Bilateral to the vertebral column sympathetic ganglionic chains → cervical & sacral regions
Where are the PREvertebral ganglia? (3 parts & what they supply) Celiac/cranial mesenteric/caudal mesenteric for abdominal & pelvic viscera. Cervical ganglia for head & neck. Cervical ganglia & anterior thoracic ganglia for thoracic organs
What functions like a sympathetic ganglion but isnt?Adrenal medulla
What is the adrenal medulla innervated by? What does it lack? How does it produce epi & norepi?Innervated by pregang. Fibers from SC. Lacks a postsynaptic neuron. Secretory chromaffin cells secrete products.
(Sympathetic) which ganglionic fibers are short? Which are long?PREganglionic are short. POSTganglionic are long.
What do PREganglionic fibers do? What do Postganglionic fibers do?PRE= synapse w/adj. ganglion or a/descend sympathetic chain. POST= innervates effector tissue
Neurotransmitters (& receptors) of the sympathetic nervous system? Preganglionic= Acetylcholine (onto nicotinic receptors/ adrenal medulla). Postganglionic= norepi (adrenergic receptors in effector tissues)
What are fight or flight reactions? ↑ blood glucose conc., ↑ BP, dilation of pupils, inhibit GI, piloerection, ↑ heart rate, dilation of bronchioles
Parasympathetic also called?Cranialsacral outflow
What does the vagus innervate? Thoracic & abdominal viscera
(Parasympathetic) which ganglionic fibers are short? Which are long? PRE= long POST= short
What does the parasympathetic system generate? Biological energy
Neurotransmitters (& receptors) of parasymp system?PRE= ACh (on nicotinic). POST= ACh (muscarinic receptors on effector tissue)
Description of symp. Response, parasymp response? Symp: widely distributed, fight or flight. Parasymp: discrete, rest & digest
What is NANC? What does it release & where?Non-adrenergic & non-cholinergic neuron. Releases NITRIC OXIDE at effector tissue
What effects does NO have? Vasodilator for penile erection, GI & vascular effects.
What part of CNS (supraspinal) is principal site of modulation of parasympathetic & sympathetic outflow?Hypothalamus