Pharm 1 - Anabolic Steroids

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Question Answer
Features of steroids?Have steroid ring structure, analogues of testosterone (*↑ mm strength, ↑ positive nitrogen balance, ↑ retention of ions (Na, Ca, K, P), ↑ myelopoiesis- blood cell production)
Indications of anabolic steroids?For catabolic diseases - mm wasting dz, chronic degenerative dz, aplastic anemia, chronic anemia, lymphoma
*What are the effects of Alkyated anabolic steroids?Azotemia (too many nitrogenous substances such as urea, creatinine)
Hypernatremia (↑ water retention, lead to myocardial infarction),
hypercalcemia, hyperkalemia, hyperphosphatemia → probs in rate & rhythm of heart.
Hepatopathy in cats
Why do they cause repro problems?Testosterone analogue- affect sperm production, estrus suppression in female
*contraindications of anabolic steroids?No animals with *prostrate hypertrophy, & preg animals (bc teratogenic) no food animals, no reproducing animals (↓ sperm quality & estrus)
Anabolic steroids we cover? (4)Stanozolol, Nandrolone, Boldenone undecyclenate, Diethyl stilbesterol
Stanozolol is used for which animals? How do you administer it? Side effects & contraindications are?Dogs, cats, horses sheep & goat. Oral & parenteral. (Management of catabolic disease states) same as general contraindications (stand with the usual fuckin' animals)
*Stanozolol uses (5)Stimulate erythropoiesis, arouse appetite, promote weight gain, improve strength, improve athletic performance (horses)
*Stanozolol special featureRequires 3-6 months to produce changes
*Stanozolol adverse effects & contraindications?Azotemia, hyper calcemia,
P & K, Na & h2o retention,
hepatopathy (cats), repro abnormalities (oligospermia, estrus suppression).
Contras- food animals, pregers, begnin prostatic hypertrophy in dogs, breeding stallions.
*Nandrolone is used in which animals? To tx what?Dogs & cats. Chronic anemia & aplastic anemia. (Got blood? NAN to speak of)
*Boldenone undecyclenate used for?Long acting anabolic steroid for HORSES. ↑ appetite & weight gain, improve nitrogen balance, reduce overexertion during exercise. Can cause aggressiveness & reduced sperm count (horses are as big as boulders)
*Diethyl stilbesterol used for? Precautions?Management of estrogen-responsive urinary incontinence (spayed female) & Perianal gland adenoma (intact male dogs). *Carcinogenic in nature