Pharm 1 - Anabolic Steroids

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Question Answer
Features of steroids?Have steroid ring structure, analogues of testosterone (*↑ mm strength, ↑ positive nitrogen balance, ↑ retention of ions (Na, Ca, K, P), ↑ myelopoiesis- blood cell production)
Indications of anabolic steroids?For catabolic diseases - mm wasting dz, chronic degenerative dz, aplastic anemia, chronic anemia, lymphoma
Adverse effects?Hypernatremia (↑ water retention, lead to myocardial infarction), hypercalcemia, hyperkalemia, hyperphosphatemia → probs in rate & rhythm of heart. Also azotemia (too many nitrogenous substances such as urea, creatinine)
Why do they cause repro problems?Testosterone analogue- affect sperm production, estrus suppression in female
*contraindications of anabolic steroids?No animals with *prostrate hypertrophy, & preg animals (bc teratogenic) no food animals, no reproducing animals (↓ sperm quality & estrus)
Anabolic steroids we cover? (4)Stanozolol, Nandrolone, Boldenone undecyclenate, Diethyl stilbesterol
Stanozolol is used for which animals? How do you administer it? Side effects & contraindications are?Dogs, cats, horses sheep & goat. Oral & parenteral. (Management of catabolic disease states) same as general contraindications (stand with the usual fuckin' animals)
Stanozolol uses (5)Stimulate erythropoiesis, arouse appetite, promote weight gain, improve strength, improve athletic performance (horses)
Stanozolol special featureRequires 3-6 months to produce changes
Stanozolol adverse effects & contraindications?Azotemia, hyper calcemia, P & K, Na & h2o retention, hepatopathy (cats), repro abnormalities (oligospermia, estrus suppression). Contras- food animals, pregers, begnin prostatic hypertrophy in dogs, breeding stallions.
Nandrolone is used in which animals? To tx what?Dogs & cats. Chronic anemia & aplastic anemia. (Got blood? NAN to speak of)
Boldenone undecyclenate used for?Long acting anabolic steroid for HORSES. ↑ appetite & weight gain, improve nitrogen balance, reduce overexertion during exercise. Can cause aggressiveness & reduced sperm count (horses are as big as boulders)
Diethyl stilbesterol used for? Precautions?Management of estrogen-responsive urinary incontinence (spayed female) & Perianal gland adenoma (intact male dogs). *Carcinogenic in nature