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Was Olson right about more firms in more concentrated industries being more prominent in lobbying?Drope et al (2005) - no relationship, individual firms may seek inidividual benefits
Impact of campaign contributions (through PACs) on US policy outcomesAnsolabehere et al. (2003) - no, endogeneity problem
Direct informational lobbying vs. PAC contribtution?Igan and Mishra (2011) - included direct lobbying expenditures as well as pac contirbutions - 1% increase in spending increases prob. thaat legislator votes for financial bill by 17% (pac contributions alon have just impact of 2%)
Do contributions lead to facetime?Yes - Kalla and Brockman (2014) - RCT -> revealing contribution states = 3-4x morel likely to see member
HoL appointmentMell et al. 2015 - non patronage appointments had donated over 100 times as much as patronage appointments per capita
Informtional lobbying e.g. NGOsGrossman-Helpman (2001) - competition is beneficial
What determines success in EU informational lobbying?Chalmers (2013) - medium of info transmission + if you meet needs of body
What makes lobbyists more attractive?Bertrand et al 2004 - reports with specialist = 3-8% premium vs. report with connection = 8-10% premium



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Does P correlate with turnout - Gey2006 - survey of studies. Out of 362 tests, 206 positively related
Smets and Van Ham2013 - studies looking at national level, 15/36 p was positive but at district level, p was insignificant in all cases
Ferreira and Gyourko (2009)consider 1950-2005 US mayoral elections. Show convergence
Butler et al.look at 1946 - 1995 congressional districts. show a big jump in expenditure if a democrat gets elected

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