PH, pKa, buffers

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Name 3 kinds of solutions1) dissolve strong acid/base in water 2) dissolve weak acid/base in water 3) Dissolve weak acid/conjugate base in water
Define KaDegree to which acid disassociates, ie. the acid dissociation constant
Define pKatells me the strength of an acid
What is the pKa trend?the stronger the acid, the larger its Ka the smaller its pKa
Define pH scalepower of hydrogen, describes the acidity , concentration of hydrogen ions
Define pH formula-log [H]
Define strong acidcompletely disassociates; concentration of H = concentration of the acid (means the same thing)
Define strong basesame molarity of the strong base
Define Weak aciddoes not disassociate completely. Therefore, calculate H+ before ID pH
Define Weak BaseWhen dissolved in water, accepts proton H from water, making Hydroxide Ion
Why ID the K of OHallows the pOH & and pH to be identified; pH + pOH = 14
Define buffer solutionmaintains nearly constant pH despite small amounts of H or OH; pH determined by the H-H solution
Name 3 ways to prepare a buffer solution1) Weak Acid + Weak Base 2) Weak Acid + Strong Base 3) Weak Base + Strong Acid

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