PH and Lifestyle lecture 1

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“Greatest good for the greatest number” - The needs of the many often outweigh the needs of the fewThe safety nest of the nation
True or false, professionals working in a variety of health environments are involved in Public Health SystemTrue
The difference btw Mental well being and Emotional well beingMental is diagnosed while Emotional is not diagnosed.
Working definition of Public Healthefforts organized by society to protect, promote and restore populations health.
IOM definition of PHassurance of condition in which the people can be healthy.


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What is socioeconomic statusIt deals with all characteristics that allow a person to survive in a given environment.
What are the examples of Socioeconomic status?Transportation, Job, Education, Insurance
In core functions, which one is responsible for data collection?Assessment
In core functions, which one is responsible for legislation and laws?Policy development
Examples of Policy developmentWearing elements, seat belt, baby seat, no smoking in public


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Policy development supersedes individual right, true or false?True
Measurement of whether you provided what you promised to provide isAssurance


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Any resources or relationships that helps to accomplish the core functions of PH isCapacity (Inputs)
Collective practices that are necessary to accomplish core functions like policies and laws areProcess
Anything you can record as a form of participation of public health is calledOutcomes (results)
Fair distribution that leads to equal distribution of benefits and burden is calledSocial Justice


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Morbidity isHow sick a population is.
Morbidity Rate ishow many people are sick in comparison to the total population
How do you measure Morbidity?IR and PR (Give full definition)


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Which level of prevention considers societal, cultural and systematic factors that can present onset of disease states?Precursor prevention
Which level of prevention deals with prevention of disease or infirmity when people are at-risk of the disease?Primary prevention
Which level of prevention seeks to stop further progression of disease state?Secondary prevention
Which prevention level involves cured disease state, prevention of recurrence, intervention target towards maintenance of disease recurrence. It involves disease management?Tertiary prevention


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Examples of Capacity/inputs necessary to achieve Core functions are(1) Human resources (2) Information resources (3) Physical resources - telephone, equipment, computer
Examples of Process (practices and outputs) necessary to achieve Core Functions are(1) Policies (2) Laws - Local, State, and Federal
Examples of Outcomes/Results necessary to achieve Core Functions are(1) Levels of disease (2) Number of injuries (3) Prevalence of risk factors


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Public health interventions, programs, and policies are grounded on ......?Sound public research
Public health research stems from scientific research techniques that exist in .....?Major sciences
Biostatistics, epidemiology, sociology, psychology, and biology play key roles in the ....?Development of Public Health Research


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What is WHO definition of Health?Not merely the absence of disease but a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being
What is the definition of illness?It is not only the physical presence or diagnosis of a disease state, it may exist w/o a physical manifestation of disease (e.g. mental or emotional illness)
What is the definition of Disease?Physical or mental disease state. Manifestation of some type of physiological injury or state (depression, diabetes, hypertension)


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Define Risk Factoran aspect of personal behavior, lifestyle, environmental exposure, inborn, or inherited characteristic, that is based on, evidence is known to be associated with health-related conditions
Define Risk Marker/Indicatoran attribute that is associated with an increased probability of occurence of a disease or other specific outcome and that can be used as an indicator of this increase risk


Question Answer
Human resources e.g. Employees, staff, supervisorCapacity (Inputs)
Informational resources: Print media, InternetCapacity (Inputs)
Physical resources: Equipment, computers, telephoneCapacity (Inputs)
Levels of diseaseOutcomes (results)
Number of injuriesOutcomes (results)
Prevalence of risk factorsOutcomes (results)
Social servicesSocial Justice
Health servicesSocial Justice
Health policiesSocial Justice
Health assessmentProperties of Assessment
Program evaluationsProperties of Assessment
Asset planningProperties of Assessment
Community diagnosisProperties of Assessment
Departmental programsProperties of Assurance
Health interventionsProperties of Assurance
Program evaluationsProperties of Assurance
Quality assuranceProperties of Assurance
Local lawsProperties of Policy Development
Federal lawsProperties of Policy Development
Health policies within organizations i.e. hospital or health systemProperties of Policy Development

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