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Question Answer
Executive Producerdeveloper 5-10 years production experience, oversee multiple projects, makes sure development is running smoothly. Reports to studio vice president , or chief executive.
Producerdeveloper 3-5 years production experience, has worked as associate producer, usually oversees one game. Reports to executive producer.
Associate Producerdeveloper 1-3 years production experience, assists the producer, reports to the producer
Art DirectorCommunicates the artistic vision to the team, skilled in all aspects of creating digital art, 5 to 10 years experience
Lead ArtistManages the day-to-day tasks of art creation, Go-between for the art director and the art team, 3-5 years of experience
Concept ArtistVisionaries, Produce the art concepts before the assets are produced, Mainly skilled in traditional art techniques
World Builder/Level DesignerBuild the geometry and creates textures for game world, 2D/3D artists- understands level design, Some companies consider this to be a design position
Asset ArtistCreates the assets that appear in the world, 2D/3D art skills
AnimatorCreate all in-game cinematic animations, 2D/3D animation
Technical ArtistManage the technical side of asset creation
Marketing ArtistCreates the marketing assets for the game
Technical DirectorCounterpart to art director, must understand latest technology & determine how to use it in game, Research and set coding standars, 5-10 years experience
Lead EngineerResponsible for day-to-day tasks, Manages the other engineers and may create code, Good communication skills, 3 to 5 years experience
EngineerGeneral title that can have many variations, well versed in several programming languages, Normally focuses on one to two specialties
Creative DirectorDifferent from place to place, Normally communicates the overall vision of the game, Must interact with different team members, Ensures the look and feel of the game matches the vision, 5 to 10 years experience
Lead DesignManages day-to-day tasks of design team; prototyping, gameplay, implementing design features, balancing gameplay, 3 to 5 years experience
DesignerGeneral term for various roles on team
WriterCreates the story elements, characters & dialogue for the game, Also writes marketing and PR copy, website content, the manual, etc. Experience in creative writing
Quality Assurance (Quabity Auswchwitz) Vital part of game development process, Play-test & find defects in game, Usually begin in the production phase, Often the last people to work on game before release,
Lead Quality Assurance Tester works with producer & other leads, evaluates game features from a testing point of view, evaluates how long testing will take, determines when code is released, writes the testing plan, manages other testers
Quality Assurance TesterTests features, finds defects, check against console makers requirements, spends most of the day playing game & assessing fun factor
CorporateExternal to project team, Marketing/Public relations, Creative Services (creates packaging/manual), Sales

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