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O-15 Water used forperfusion
F-18 FDG used formetabolic uptake
F-18 DOPA used forevaluate movement disorders
O-15 half-life2.1 minutes
Glucose is the primarysubstrate for energy in the brain
FDG crosses theBBB
FDG moves into brain cells in proportion toplasma glucose
phosphorylated FDG is trapped in the brain cells and cannotproceed through glycogen synthesis
Neuropathic disorders for FDGAzheimers, dementia, epilepsy, tumor assessment, depression, schizophrenia, personality disorders, Huntington/Parkinsons (movement disorders)
FDG brain dose5-15 mCi
Patient should fast at least4 hours
brain uptake is proportional toblood glucose levels
Patient should be offpsych meds, steroids
Image should start no earlier than _________ post FDG injection30 minutes
Head tilt artifactdue to incorrect positioning of the head--vertex of head does not reach head holder's superior edge
lower imaging plane should be closely parallel to the pateitn'scanthomeatal plane
reconstruct images ___ attenuation correction to assess ___ artifactswithout, movement
histogramgraphical representation of the distribution of numerical data
R-L histogram may help identifyyR-L uptake disparities
sources of errorcerebral activation, psychopathic drugs, sedation, artifacts, processing (AC), recent therapy
Epilepsy is asynchronizaed firing of the neurons causing a seiuzre
intractable seizuresuncontrollable though meds have been tried
FDG for epilepsy is useful forlocalizing seizure foci for surgery, determining whether there is only one focus
Approved CMS indication:to localize the seizure foci in pots with medically intractable seizures that are being worked up for surgery
Partialactivation of one area of brain
generalizaedactivation of entire brain
FDG epilepsy is only forsurgical candidates
Interictalnon-seizing, normal brain
Interictal metabolismhypo
Ictal metabolismhyper
Interictal FDG uptakedecreased
Ictal FDG uptakeIncreased (big hot spot)
EEG is less ___, but has a high ____precise, temporal resolution
high temporal resolution meansit can detect changes in brain activity almost as soon as they occur
EEG stands forElectroencephalography
Dementia definitionless of memory as well as loss of a at least one other area of complex behavior sufficient to interfere with day to day function
___% pop over 65, ___% pop over 80 have dementia5, 25
Causes of dementiadegenerative (Alz, Pick's, Parkin, Hunting), vascular insufficenices, trauma, endocrine disorders, age
metabolic changes can precede structural by5 years
management issues for dementiaearly dx, differential dc of type, diff pseudo/depression
neurodegeneration is associated withdecreased glycolysis
Alzheimers effectstemporal
Pick's effectsfrontal
Comma is good, period isParkinsons
F-18 DOPA used forParkinson's
SUV is bothqualitative and quantitative
glioma is a brain tumor/neoplasm
O-15 water allowsserial imaging in a short time frame

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