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Cause of subclavian steal syndromeArteriosclerotic stenotic plaque at the origin of the subclavian before the takeoff of the vertebral
Claudication of the arm and posterior neurologic signs when the arm is exercisedSubclavian steal syndrome
Coldness, tingling, muscle painClaudication
Where is a AAA found?Between the xiphoid and the imbeciles
Aneurysms that grown 1 cm per year or fasterNeed repair
When will a tender AAA rupture?Within a day or two
Drug used for PVS Cilostazol (phosphodiesterase inhibitor)
Workup for intermittent claudicationABI, CT or MRI angio
Significant ABI0.8 or less
Treatment of PVS Bypass, angioplasty with stents
Ultimate consequence of PVSUlceration and gangrene
Physical exam of a "rest pain" legAtrophic skin without hair, no peripheral pulses
What can cause arterial embolization from a distant source?A fib, recent MI
Where does the clot come from in a fib?Atrial appendage
Physical exam of an arterial embolizationPainful, pale, cold, pulseless, parenthetic, paralytic
Treatment for arterial embolizationClot busters for early incomplete occlusion, embolectomy for complete obstruction
Poorly controlled hypertension can lead to thisAortic dissection
Unequal pulses in the upper extremitiesAortic dissection
Imaging for aortic dissectionSpiral CT
Treatment of dissection of ascending aortaTreated surgically
Treatment of dissection of descending aortaManaged medically with control of hypertension (no surgery because interrupting blood supply to the spinal cord is too risky)
Advantages of FNA over core biopsyCan be done at the office, does not require local anesthetic, no risk, inexpensive
When to NOT do FNA1. Liver hemangioma 2. Testicular mass
Incisional versus excisional biopsyJust depends on size

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