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Question Answer
Very severe testicular pain with no fever or pyuria or history of recent mumpsTesticular torsion
Very severe testicular pain with fever and pyuria Epididymis
Treatment for epididymis Antibiotic
Management of obstruction and infection of urinary tractEmergency- Immediate decompression of the urinary tract above the obstruction
Ways to decompress the urinary tract Ureteral stent or percutaneous nephrostomy
Contraindication for IVPCreatinine >2
What imaging to use for kidney obstructionUltrasound
What imaging to use for kidney cancer CT
Chills, fever, N/V, flank painPyelonephritis
Old men who have chills, fever, dysuria, urinary frequency, diffuse low back pain, tender prostateAcute bacterial prostatitis
Treatment for acute bacterial prostatitis IV antibiotics, no more rectal exams!
Most common reason for a newborn boy not to urinate during the first day life Posterior urethral valves
Diagnosing posterior urethral valve in newbornVoiding cystourethrogram
Treatment for posterior urethral valveEndoscopic fulguration or resection
Should circumcision be done for a baby with hypospadias? NO
Burning on urination, frequency, low abdominal and perineal pain, flank pain, fever, chills in a kidVesiculoureteral reflux
Diagnosis of vesicoureteral refluxVoiding cystourethrogram
Treatment for vesicouretreal refluxLong term antibiotics
Low implantation of a ureterAsymptomatic in little boys, girls will be wet with urine all the time
Workup for low implantation of a ureterVaginoscopy
Treatment for low implantation of a ureterSurgery
Ureteropelvic junction obstructionNormal urinary output unless a large diuresis, then colicky flank pain
Workup for hematuria CT and cystoscopy
Renal cell carcinoma presentationHematuria, flank pain, flank mass
What other symptoms can renal carcinoma have?Hypercalcemia, erythrocytosis, elevated liver enzymes
Very high rate of local recurrenceCancer of the bladder
Transitional cell cancerBladder cancer
Rock-hard nodule (prostate)Prostatic cancer
Diagnosis of prostate cancerTransrectal needle biopsy guided by ultrasound
Treatment for prostate cancerSurgery and/or radiation. Widespread bone mets= androgen ablation. Medical: anti-androgen= flutamide
Painless testicular massTesticular cancer
Serum markers for testicular cancerAlpha fetoprotein and B-HCG
Treatment for testicular cancerRadiation and platinum-based chemo
What precipitates acute urinary retention in men with BPH?Antihistamines and abundant fluid intake
Long term therapy for BPHAlpha blockers and 5-alpha-reductase inhibitors
TamsulosinAlpha blocker
Finasteride5-alpha-reductase inhibitor
Final surgical option for BPHTURP= transurethral resection of the prostate
Weak pelvic floorStress incontinence
Colicky flank pain with radiation to the inner thigh or labia or scrotum Passage of ureteral stone
Size of kidney stone that passes spontaneously <3mm
Treatment for a large kidney stoneESWL: extracorporeal shock-wave lithotripsy
How to avoid kidney stonesAbundant water intake
Pneumaturia Fistulization (most commonly sigmoid colon due to diverticulitis)
Does psychogenic impotence interfere with nocturnal erections?No
Organic impotenceDiabetes, arteriosclerosis