Pestana- Skin

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Question Answer
What is the most common type of skin cancer?Basal (50%)
Small, raised waxy lesionBasal cell carcinoma
Nonhealing ulcerBasal cell carcinoma
What part of body does basal cell carcinoma usually affect?Upper face
Does basal cell carcinoma mets to the lymph nodes?No
Management of basal cell carcinomaTotal excision- both diagnostic and therapeutic
Diagnosis of basal cell carcinomaFull thickness biopsy done at the EDGE of the lesion
How does basal cell carcinoma kill?Relentless local invasion
How much marginal excision is needed for BCC?1mm of clear margin
Mohs surgeryDuring the surgery after each removal the tissue is examined to determine if more is needed to take out
Where does squamous cell carcinoma prefer?Lower lip
Basal cell carcinoma time tableYears
Squamous cell carcinoma time table Months
Can squamous cell carcinoma mets to lymph nodes?Yes
How much marginal excision is needed for SCC?0.5-2.0 cm
Melanoma less than 1mmLocal excision
Melanoma 1-4 mmWide margins (2.0 cm) and attention to lymph nodes (biopsy)
Melanoma >4mm Terrible prognosis regardless of therapy
Mets to weird placesMetastatic melanoma
Adjuvant systemic therapy for metastatic melanomaInterferon