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Excessive salivation or choking spells on feedingEsophageal atresia
VACTER congenital anomaliesVertebral, anus, cardiac, trachea, esophageal, renal, radial
When can you put off surgery for imperforate anus until toilet training time?When there is a fistula to the vagina or perineum
Treatment for imperforate anusColostomy for high rectal pouches or primary care if the blind pouch is almost at the anus
How do you determine level of pouch for imperforate anus?X-rays taken upside down
Bowel up on the leftCongenital diaphragmatic hernia
Real problem of congenital diaphragmatic lungHypoplastic lung
When to treat congenital diaphragmatic lung3-4 days post birth to allow lung maturation
Herniation of intestine into base of umbilical cordOmphalocele
Defect of abdominal wall lateral to base of umbilicus, no protective membrane (normal cord)Gastroschisis
Treatment of gastroschisis and omphaloceleSilo- the contents are squeezed into the belly a littlee each day
Nutrition for babies with gastroschisis TPN for about one month
Abdominal awll defect over the pubis Exstrophy of the urinary bladder
When do you do surgery for exstrophy of the urinary bladder Within the first 1 or 2 days of life
Green vomiting in the newbornBAD
Double bubble sign (and green vomiting)Duodenal atresia, annular pancreas, or malrotation
Malrotation diagnosisContrast enema or Upper GI study
Green vomiting and multiple air-fluid levelsIntestinal atresia
What causes intestinal atresia?Vascular accident in utero
Seen in premature infants when they are first fed... feeding intolerance Necrotizing enterocolitis
Rapidly dropping platelet count on feeding a premature babyNecrotizing enterocolitis
Treatment of necrotizing enterocolitis IV antibiotics, fluids, and nutrition
When is surgical intervention required for necrotizing enterocolitis?Abdominal wall erythema, air in the portal vein, intestinal pneumatosis, or pneumoperitoneum
Presence of gas in the bowel wallIntestinal pneumatosis
Signs of intestinal necrosis and perforationPneumoperitoneum
Feeding intolerance and bilious vomiting in cystic fibrosis babiesMeconium ileus
Diagnosing and therapeutic for meconium ileusGastrografin enema
GastrografinDraws fluid in, dissolves the meconium
Nonbilious projective vomiting in a 3 week old Hypertrophic pyloric stenosis
Olive mass in the RUQHypertrophic pyloric stenosis
Treatment of hypertrophic pyloric stenosis Pyloromyotomy or balloon dilation
6-8 week old babies who have progressive jaundice (conjugated)Biliary atresia
Workup for biliary atresia Serologies, sweat test, and HIDA scan after 1 week of phenobarbital
Treatment for biliary atresiaSurgery, surgery and then liver transplant down the road, transplant right away
Chronic constipationHirschsprung disease
Aganglionic megacolonHirschsprung disease
Diagnosing Hirschsprung diseaseFull thickness biopsy of rectal mucosa
6-12 month old chubby baby with colicky belly pain Intussusception
Vague mass on right side of abdomen Intussusception
"Empty" right lower quadrantIntussusception
Currant jelly stoolsIntussusception
Diagnosis and treatment of intussusception Barium or air enema
Subdural hematoma and retinal hemorrhages in a kid Child abuse
Lower GI bleed in a kidMeckel diverticulum
When does orchiopexy need to be done? When they turn one and still have an undescended testicle
Mass in a kid that moves up and down with respiration Malignant liver tumor
Malignant liver tumor in a kidHepatoblastoma or hepatocellular carcinoma
Deep, nonmovable mass in a kidWilms tumor or neuroblastoma
NeuroblastomaYounger the kid is, better the prognosis. It may spontaneously revert into a benign tumor!

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