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Children with uneven gluteal folds and posterior dislocation of hipDevelopmental dysplasia of the hip
Diagnosing developmental hip dysplasiaSonogram
Treatment for developmental hip dysplasiaAbduction splinting with Pavlik harness for 6 months
Avascular necrosis of capital femoral epiphysisLegg-Calve-Perthes disease
When does Legg-Calve-Perthes disease begin?Age 6
Diagnosis of Legg-Calve-PerthesAP and lateral XRAY
Treatment of Legg-Calve-PerthesCasting and crutches
Slipped capital femoral epiphysisSurgical emergency
Physical exam for slipped capital femoral epiphysisAffected side points towards other foot. When hip is flexed the thigh goes into external rotation, cannot be rotated internally
Treatment for slipped capital femoral epiphysisSurgery- pinning the femoral head in place
Diagnosis of acute hematogenous osteomyelitisMRI
Genu varumBowlegs
Up till what age is genu varum normal?3 years
Genu valgusKnock knee
What age is genu valgus normal in4-8 years
Osteochondritis of the tibial tubercleOsgood-Sclatter disease
Teenagers with persistent pain over the tibial tubercleOsgood-Sclatter disease
Treatment for Osgood-Schlatter diseaseRICE therapy, cast if unsuccessful
Talipes equinovarusClub foot
Treatment of club footSerial plaster casts followed by surgery at 9-12 months if no response
ScoliosisSeen in girls, on the right side
Severe complication of scoliosisDecreased pulmonary function
Fractures that are problematic in children1. supracondylar fracture of the humerus 2. fracture of any bone involving a growth plate
When does supracondylar fracture of humerus occur?Child falls on a hyperextended elbow
Complication of supracondylar fracture of humerus Volkmann contracture, compartment syndrome
Fractures that involve growth plate-treatmentClosed reduction if does not involve growth plate, open if it does
Most common primary malignant bone tumorOsteogenic sarcoma
What age is osteogenic sarcoma seen?10-25 years
"sunburst" patternOsteogenic sarcoma
What age is ewing sarcoma seen?Younger... age 5-15
Location of osteogenic sarcomaKnees
Location of ewing sarcomaDiaphysis of long bones
"onion-skinning" Ewing sarcoma
Clinical presentation of multiple myeloma Old men, fatigue, anemia, bone pain
Punched out lytic lesionsMultiple myeloma
Treatment for multiple myeloma Chemotherapy
Patient holds arm close to body but rotated outwardAnterior dislocation
Fall on an outstretched hand, fracture of distal radiusColles fracture
Treatment for colles fractureClose reduction and long arm cast
Monteggia fractureDirect blow to the ulna
Diaphyseal fracture of the proximal ulna and anterior dislocation of radial headMonetggia fracture
Fracture of distal radius and dorsal dislocation of ulnaGaleazzi fracture
Treatment for metacarpal neck fractureClosed reduction for mild ones, wire or plate fixation for the bad ones
Intertrochanteric fracture treatmentOpen reduction, internal fixation, anticoagulation
Treatment for femoral shaft fractureIntramedullary rod fixation
Tibial stress fractureX-rays are initially normal, treat with case and repeat X-ray in 2 weeks
What is the time frame for repairing an open fracture?Within 6 hours
Leg shortened, adducted, internally rotatedPosterior dislocation of hip
Treatment of gas gangreneIV penicillin, surgical debridement, hyperbaric oxygen
Black tissueMucormycosis
Treatment for mucormycosisAmphotericin B
Injury to popliteal arteryCan occur with posterior knee dislocation. Do doppler studies., CT angio, and key issues
Therapy for trigger fingerSteroids
De Quervain tenosynovitisCaused by forced wrist flexion and thumb extension
How to test for de quervain tenosynovitis?Ask the patient to hold thumb inside a closed fist, then ulnar deviate wrist... see if pain is reproduced
Dupuytren contractureContracture of palm of hand
Abscess in pulp of fingertipFelon
Injury to the ulnar collateral ligament Gamekeeper thumb
Forced hyperextension of thumbGamekeeper thumb
Treatment for gamekeeper thumbcasting
When a flexed finger is forcefully extendedJersey finger
When an extended finger is forcefully flexedMallet finger
Pain exacerbated by coughing, sneezing, defecatingHerniated disk
Cauda equina syndrome1. Distended bladder 2. Flaccid rectal sphincter 3. Perineal saddle anesthesia
Bamboo spineAnkylosing spondylitis
Workup fot arterial insufficiencyDoppler, CT angio
Presentation of arterial insufficiency ulcersAt the tip of the toes. Pale base with no granulation tissue
Chronically edematous, indurated, hyper pigmented skin above the medial malleolus Venous stasis ulcers
Are venous stasis ulcers painful or painlessPainless
Marjolin ulcerSquamous cell carcinoma of the skin developing in a chronic leg ulcer
Morton neuromaInflammation of the common digital nerve at the 3rd interspace (between 3rd and 4th toes)

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