Pestana- Ophthalmology

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Question Answer
Vision impairment resulting from interference with the processing of imagesAmblyopia
When does amblyopia occur?The first 6 or 7 years of life
Two overlapping images, brain suppresses one of themStrabismus
Strabismus later in life Exaggerated convergence caused by refraction difficulties. Just need glasses
White pupil in babyEmergency. Retinoblastoma or congenital cataract
Severe eye pain or headache in the evening Acute angle closure glaucoma
Pupil is dilated and nonreactive, cloudy cornea with greenish hue, eye feels hard as a rockAcute angle closure glaucoma
Cornea has greenish hueAcute angle closure glaucoma
Medication given for acute angle closure glaucomaCarbonic anhydrase inhibitor, topical B blockers, alpha 2 agonists, Mannitol, Pilocarpine
Orbital cellulitis Ophthalmologic emergency
Eyelids are hot, tender, swollen, patient is febrile, pupil is DILATED and FIXEDOrbital cellulitis
Management of orbital cellulitis Emergency CT scan and drainage
Big dark cloud at the top of the visual field Retinal detachment
Treatment of retinal detachment Laser "spot" welding
Sudden loss of vision from one eye Embolic occlusion of the retinal artery