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Question Answer
Vascular stroke without headacheOcclusive
Vascular stroke with headacheHemorrhagic
Most common site of a TIAStenosis at internal carotid or ulcerated plaque at the carotid bifurcation
When can angioplasty/stenting be done for TIA?When a filter is placed first (to prevent embolization to brain)
Do you get headache with TIA or ischemic stroke?No
How long after an ischemic stroke does revascularization not work?Longer than 3 hours
When is t-PA best started?Within 90 minutres
What is the maximum amount of time before you can't give t-PA? Beyond 3 hours
Who is hemorrhagic stroke seen in?Uncontrolled hypertensives
Meningeal irritation and nuchal rigiditySubarachnoid hemorrhage
Workup for subarachnoid hemorrhageCT scan followed by arteriorgram (never spinal tap first)
Treatment for subarachnoid hemorrhage Clipping if surgical, endovascular coiling if radiological
Are most brain tumors primary or metastatic?Metastatic
What cancers mets to the brain?50% lung, the rest are from bone, breast, and melanoma
Are meningiomas malignant or benign?Benign
Blurred vision, projective vomiting, papilledema Increased ICP
Response to increased ICPCushing reflex
What side of brain controls speech?The same side that controls their dominant hand
Foster-Kennedy syndromeInappropriate behavior, optic nerve atrophy on the side of the tumor, papilledema on the other side, and anosmia
Tumor at base of frontal lobeInappropriate behavior, optic nerve atrophy on the side of the tumor, papilledema on the other side, and anosmia
Short youngster, bilateral hemianopsia, calcified lesion above the sella on CTCraniopharyngioma
Where do you see craniophargyioma on CT scan?Above the sella
Amenorrhea and galactorrheaProlactinoma
Diagnostic workup for prolactinomaRule out pregnancy, rule out hypothyroidism, determination of prolactin level, MRI of sella
Treatment for prolactinomaBromocriptine (dopamine agonist)
Huge hands, feet, tongue, and JAWAcromegaly
Hypertension, diabetes, sweaty hands, long jawAcromegaly
Workup for acromegalyDetermine level somatomedin C and pituitary MRI
Bleeding into a pituitary tumorPituitary apoplexy
Severe headache, hypotension, stupor, visual loss, endocrine problemsPituitary apoplexy
Treatment for pituitary apoplexySteroid replacement and eventual replacement of other hormones
Loss of upper gaze "sunset eyes"Tumor of pineal gland
Parinaud syndromeLoss of upper gaze "sunset eyes"
Most common type of brain tumor in children Medulloblastoma
Child stumbling around and tranquil ataxia Brain tumor
2nd most common brain tumor in kidsEpendymoma
How kids with brain tumors will decrease ICP/relieve headacheAssume the knee-chest position (opens the flow of CSF)
Treatment for brain abscessResection
Do patients with trigeminal neuralgia have a completely normal neurological exam?Yes
Workup for trigeminal neuralgia MRI to rule out organic lesions
Treatment for trigeminal neuralgia Anticonvulsants- Carbamazapine
Relax sympathetic dystrophy Causalgia
Causalgia Reflex sympathetic dystrophy
When does causalgia occur?Several months after a crushing injury
Constant, burning, agonizing pain that does not respond to the usual analgesicsCausalgia
What the extremity looks like in causalgiaCold, cyanotic, and moist
Diagnosis causalgiaSuccessful sympathetic block
Treatment for causalgia Surgical sympathectomy