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Neck mass in young person, present for years Congenital
Neck mass: several months of relentless growthNeoplastic
Neck mass located at the level of the hyoid bone, midlineThyroglossal duct cyst
Neck mass connected to the tongue Thyroglossal duct cyst
Treatment of thryoglossbal duct cystSurgical removal of cyst, middle segment of hyoid bone, and track that leads up to tongue base
Neck mass that occurs along the anterior edge of the sternocleidomastoid muscleBranchial cleft cyst
Neck mass that sometimes has a little opening and blind tract in the skinBranchial cleft cyst
Large, mushy mass at the base of the neck in supraclavicular areaCystic hygroma
Management of cystic hygromaCT FIRST (can extend deep into the chest) before surgical removal
Management of neck mass that is not congenital Complete H&P and then follow up in 3-4 weeks to see if mass is still there
Multiple enlarged nodes, low-grade fever, night sweatsLymphoma
Diagnosis of lymphomaRemove a lymph node for biopsy
Treatment of lymphomaChemotherapy
Usual primaries of mets to supraclavicular nodesLung or intraabdominal
Cancer seen in old men who smoke and drink and have rotten teethSquamous cell carcinoma of the mucosae
Metastatic node in the neck, usually jugular chainSquamous cell carcinoma
Diagnostic workup for squamous cell carcinomaTriple endoscopy to look for primary tumor, biopsy, CT scan to determine the extent
Open biopsy for squamous cell cancerShould NEVER be performed
Treatment of squamous cell carcinomaResection, radical neck dissection, chemoradiotherapy
Persistent hoarseness, persistent painless ulcer in floor of mouth, persistent unilateral earacheSquamous cell carcinoma
Adult who has sensory loss in one ear Acoustic neuroma
Diagnosis of acoustic neuroma MRI
Gradual unilateral facial nerve paralysisFacial nerve tumor
Diagnosis of facial nerve tumorGadolinium-enhanced MRI
Tumor in front of ear or around angle of mandibleParotid tumor
What type are the majority of parotid tumors?Pleomorphic adenomas
Can pleomorphic adenomas go malignant?Yes
Are pleomorphic adenomas painful or painless?Painless
Can you do an open biopsy for parotid tumor?ABSOLUTELY NOT- contraindicated
Management for parotid tumorSuperficial parotidectomy... and spare the facial nerve if possible
Painful parotid mass WITH facial nerve paralysis Parotid cancer
Do pleomorphic ademonas cause facial nerve paralysis?No
Unilateral earache, unilateral rhinorrhea, or unilateral wheezing in a toddlerForeign body
Management of foreign body in a toddlerThe appropriate endoscopy
Abscess of the floor of the mouth (usually following tooth infection)Ludwig angina
Sudden paralysis of the face Bell's palsy
Treatment for Bell's palsyAntiviral and steroids
Development of diplopia in a patient suffering from frontal or ethmoid sinusitis Cavernous sinus thrombosis
Diplopia Paralysis of extrinsic eye muscles
Treatment of cavernous sinus thrombosisEmergency!! IV antibiotics, CT or MRI, and drainage of the affected sinuses
Where in the nasal cavity does benign epistaxis come from?Anterior septum
Treatment for nosebleed in a kidPressure, phenylephrine spray
Epistaxis in an 18 year oldCocaine or juvenile nasopharyngeal angiofibroma
Treatment for nosebleed due to cocainePosterior packing
Treatment for nosebleed due to juvenile nasopharyngeal angiofibroma Surgical resection
Nosebleed in the elderly and hypertensiveCan be life threatening! Posterior pack it
Dizziness WITH spinningInner ear (not brain)
Treatment for dizziness due to inner ear Meclizine, promethazine, diazepine
Treatment for dizziness due to brainNeurologic workup
Meniere diseaseVertigo, tinnitus, hearing loss
Treatment of Meniere diseaseDiuretics

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