PESP - KT CRF in young people pt1

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Why is CRF important in childhood and YP?associated with Health and sports performance (more likely endurance sports)
What health measures is CRF associated with?adiposity and cardiometabolic risk factors
Castillo-Garzon MJ et al 2007: overviewlarge cohort study: overweight vs non-overweight adolescents, measured their CRF level (very low-very high) and cardiovascular profile standardised to age and gender (TriGlys, LDL, HDL and BM)
Castillo-Garzon MJ et al 2007: resultsoverweight children generally have worse CV profiles than non-overweight. In both groups, as CRF increased, healthiness of CV profile increased (higher score=healthier profile)

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Mayers N and Gutin B 1979: overview8-11 yo runners and non-runners, VO2 at 6mph, VO2max, HR etc measured along with running distance/week
Mayers N and Gutin B 1979: resultsAverage VO2 at 6mph runners = 31.7. non-runners = 34.3. - VO2 max runners = 56.6, non-runners = 45.9. - max HR runners =203 non-runners = 205
Mayers N and Gutin B 1979: limitationsself-selection bias, only certain people will volunteer. equipment back in the day will be more inaccurate, so VO2max likely lower than what it actually is.
What is it important to consider in children when evaluating VO2 max?body size, different stages of development despite same ages

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