Perspective Law and Order

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Question Answer
first sentencePerspective does not exist!
second sentenceThis statement may seem a categorical and contradictory way to begin the introduction to a book about perspective, but after this brief explanation you will see that it is not.
third sentencePerspective is defined as the art of correctly representing the forms of objects and the way they deform as they become more distant, a methodology that is based on a geometric system for representing three demensions on a flat surface with two demensions.
fourth sentenceIt is a simulation of what can be seen in nature, which allows you to calculate the affect on the volume of objects that are in turn placed in an envirement of falsified depth.
fifth sentenceyes, falsified
sixth sentenceLinear perspective does not correspond to the natural way of seeing things; it is an abstraction, a cultural elaboration that has been passed down through history through various stages of development before adapting its present form.