Personality Disorders

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Question Answer
Type A scizotypical, parinoid, schizoid; withdrawn, cold, suspicious, irrational
Shcizotypical magical thinking, erratic thinking, odd characteristics, social isolation
Parionoid suspicious, don't trust others, quick to take offence, jealous
Schizoid they like to be alone, no disregard for the people around them, don't care what other people think of them, detached from the world
Cluster Bantisocial, BPD, narcassitic, histrironic; these people are dramatic, emotional, attention seeking
Antisocial no remore, no empathy, impulsive, no insight to bad actions
BPD use splitting, negative affect, emotional liability, sucidial, fear abandonment, rage, unstable relationships
narcasitc self-loath, only think about themselves, decreased capacity for empathy, desired to be admired brothers
historonic whinny, want others to like them, excessively emotional. its all about me, centre stage attitude
Cluster C fearful, anxious, tense, overwhlemed; OCD, dependent and avoidant
OCD perfectionist, dersire control, there way is right, rigid and infelxble, fear casastrophe
Depenent always need approval, need someone, clingy, fear abdonment
avoidant timid, unconfortable in social situtations, fear negative feedback, poor self-confidence and self-esteem