Personality disorders

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______________ is an __________ pattern of inner experience and behavior that deviates _______ markedly from the expectations of the individual's culture, is _________ and ________ , has an onset in adolescence or early adulthood, is stable over time and leads to ____ or ______.Personality Disorder; enduring; markedly; pervasive and inflexible; distress or impairment
GPD is a pattern that is manifested in 2 or more of the following areas (4):Cognition; affectivity; interpersonal functioning; impulse control
_% of US adults have a PD as defined by the DSM-IV9
_% of respondents w a PD received treatmnet for problems related to mental healthor substance abuse at some time during the previous 12 months39
____ is the minds ability to change the _________Neuroplasticity, brain
Mental Machniations ______ the _____ of our brain amtteralter; physical structure
When you change your mind, you ___________change your brain
Cluster A adjectivesOdd or eccentric
Cluster A types (3)Paranoid, schizoid, schizotypal
Cluster B adjDramatic, emotional erratic
Cluster B types (4)Antisocial, Borderline, Histrionic, Narcissistic
Cluster C adjAnxious; fearful
Cluster C types (3)Avoidant; dependent, OCD
Paranoid (%, What Cluster, characteristics)suspiciousness/mistrust of others, tendency to see self as blameless; on guard for percieved attacks by others; 2.3%, A
Schizoid (%, What Cluster, characteristics).9%-1.1%) A, Impaired social relationships, inabiltiy and lack of desire to form attachments to others
it is _ to see people with _ in a clinic bc they avoid therapySchizoid PD
Schizotypal PD (%, What Cluster, characteristics).6-4.6%) A, Peculiar though patterns, oddities of perception, cad speech that interferes with communication and social interaction
Antisocial (%, What Cluster, characteristics)2% (3% among males, 1% among females); B, Lack of moral or ethical development; inability to follow approved models of behavior; deceitfulness; shameless manipulation of others, hx of conduct problems as a child
why do most people w ASPD enter therapy?mandated by court/family forces them
what age is someone with ASPD?at least 18
Borderline (%, What Cluster, characteristics)1.6-5.9%) B, Impulsiveness, inappropriate anger, drastic mood shifts, chronic feelings of boredome, attempts at self-mutilation/suicide
what is the breakdown of % b/w primary care setting, MH clinics, and psychiatric patients iwht BPD?6. 10. 20
Which disorder is historically most diff to treat? Borderline PD
Histrionic (%, What Cluster, characteristics)1.84%, B, Self-dramatization, overconcern with attractiveness, tendency to irritability and temper outbursts if attentions eeking is frusterated
What type of therapy is extremely beneficial to histrionic pts?MH (CBT tecniques)
Narcissistic (%, What Cluster, characteristics)0-6.2%, B, Grandiosity, preoccupation w receiving attention; self-promoting; lack of empathy
Avoidant (%, What Cluster, characteristics)2.4%; C, Hypersensitivity to rejection or social derogation, syness, insecurity in social interaction and initiating relationships
What cartoon has APD?Charlie Brown
Dependent(%, What Cluster, characteristics) 0.49%, C, Difficulty in separating in relationships; discomfort at being alone; subordination of needs in order to keep others involved in a relationship; indecisiveness
OCD (%, What Cluster, characteristics)2.1-7.9%, C, Excessive concern with order, rules, and trivial details, perfectionistic; lack of expressiveness and warmth; difficulty in relaxing and having fun

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