Personality Disorders - Classic Examples

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Obsessive-Compulsive Personality DisorderCluster CA 40-year-old secretary has been recently fired because of her inability to prepare some work projects in time. According to her, they were not in the right format and she had to revise them six times, which led to the delay. This has happened before but she feels that she is not given enough time.
Dependent Personality DisorderCluster CA 40-year-old man who lives with his parents has trouble deciding on how to go about having his car fixed. He calls his father at work several times to ask ery trivial things. He has been unemployed over the past 3 years.
Avoidant Personality DisorderCluster CA 30-year-old postal worker rarely goes out with her coworkers a^ and often makes excuses when they ask her to join them because she is afraid they will not like her. She wishes to go out and meet new people but, according to her, she is too “shy.”
Narcissistic Personality DisorderCluster BA 48-year-old company CEO is rushed to the ED after an automobile accident. He does not let the residents operate on him and requests the chief of trauma surgery because he is “vital to the company.” He makes several business phones calls in the ED to stay on “top of his game.”
Histrionic Personality DisorderCluster BA 33-year-old scantily clad woman comes to your office complaining that her fever feels like “she is burning in hell.” She vividly describes how the fever has affected her work as a teacher.
Borderline Personality DisorderCluster BA 23-year-old medical student attempted to slit her wrist because things not work out with a man she had been dating over the past 3 wee s. states that guys are jerks and “not worth her time.” She often feels that she is “alone in this world.”
Antisocial Personality DisorderCluster BA 30-year-cr-old unemployed man has been accused of killing three senior citizens after robbing them. He is surprisingly charming in the interview. In his adolescence, he was arrested several times for stealing cars and assaulting other kids.
Schizotypal Personality DisorderCluster A35-year-old man dresses in a space suit every Tuesday and Thursday. He has computers set up in his basement to “detect the precise time of alien invasion.” He has no evidence of auditory or visual hallucinations.
Schizoid Personality DisorderCluster AA 45-year-old scientist works in the lab most of the day and had has no friends, according to his coworkers. Has not been able to keep his job because of failure to collaborate with others. He expresses no desire to make friends and is content with his single life. He has no evidence of a thought disorder.
Paranoid Personality DisorderCluster AA 30-year-oid man says his wife has been cheating on bin because he does not have a good enough job to provide for her needs. He also claims that on his previous job, his boss laid him off because he did a better job than his boss. Refuses couples therapy because he believes the treater will side with his wife. Believes neighbors are critical of him.